• Devilz Lettuce Herbal Blend Review

    Devilz Lettuce Herbal Blend Review

    Devilz Lettuce is the kind of blend you pack a pipe with at the end of the night and then spiral into the activities you most enjoy, freeing your mind from worry and letting you focus on the fun for just a bit. Devilz Lettuce has made me realize how ingrained proper plurals are in my mind, my fingers feel as if they’re fighting over the keys every time I hit the ‘z’ key instead of the ‘s’ key, but I think I can forgive the manufacturers of this blend. Judging from the amount of z’s I see in product names (and not just in the herbal blend industry!) it must be mighty tempting. Devilz Lettuce is an herbal smoking mix with a big green grinning cloud of smoke decorating the package. The packet states there’s only 1 gram of herb in the mix, but an added sticker in the upper corner lets me know that it’s actually 3 grams, so don’t let that confuse you. SmokingBlendReviews received our sample of Devilz Lettuce from Lazy Botanicals, where it’s currently available to purchase in both 3 gram and 1.5 gram amounts. There are no ingredients listed on the package aside from ... Read More »
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  • Purging Marijuana Concentrates, High Times Style

    Purging Marijuana Concentrates, High Times Style

    The staff at High Times carefully avoided providing step-by-step instructions on how to make Butane Hash Oil, BHO, wax, glass, shatter, or whatever butane-extracted marijuana concentrates are called in a particular region. Instead, they offered excellent tips on refining the finished product by properly purging marijuana concentrates of the solvent used to dissolve the cannabinoids from the plant material. NSN News must once again remind its readers that home BHO operations are highly dangerous and carry a serious risk of fire, explosion, and criminal prosecution. Only those with an appropriate space and the right equipment should attempt this process. One of the biggest quality concerns with BHO is the cleaning or purging of any remaining solvent, butane, which is not great to be vaporizing and inhaling. Some states with medical marijuana programs now offer laboratory testing of concentrates to ensure parts per million of butane is below an acceptable threshold. If CO2 or nitrogen was used in the extraction, the raw extract should be placed in ethanol alcohol (for example, the grape-spirit ethanol available from organicalcohol.com) and then warmed slightly to approximately 120°F, until you see the extract dissolve into the grape spirits. When using butane, mix one part grape spirits with two parts ... Read More »
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    In our first post here ever we have come up with 5 Movies to watch when baked Gimme Pizza Slow The Olsen twins break it down. ROSE by Carte Noire Yes, yes, ohhhhh yes, my little profiteroles. Slusho You can’t just drink six Slushos with that door in the way! Danny McAskill Inspired. Denver the Guilty Dog “Did you do this? Denver? You did this?”   Read More »