• Snoop Dogg G Pen | Vapor Pen Review

    Snoop Dogg G Pen | Vapor Pen Review

    The Snoop Dogg vaporizer is the latest edition of the Grenco Science Vape Pens, this product was designed by Snoop Dogg himself. This Vape Pen has been designed to function only with with dry herbs and given its association with Snoop Dogg it is probably one of the coolest looking Vape Pen on the market today. By no measure is it the best most effective Vape Pen that money can buy.   Aesthetics If you own or have seen one of Grenco Science previous versions of the the Snoop Dogg vape pen its probably not changed much in terms of its actual size which makes this very portable. Upon opening up our package we were very pleased with the finishing of this product it is definitely eye catching. Grenco Science has included a Snoop Doggs signature engraving, a road map of Long Beach, California (which may or may not be useful to some people).  What does it come with? Contents Include: 1 Rechargeable Snoop Dogg | G Pen Battery 1 Snoop Dogg | G Pen Herbal Tank 1 G Pen USB Charger 1 G Wall Adapter 3 G Cleaning Tips 1 G Cleaning Brush 2 G Glass Sleeves     Ease of use The Snoop Dogg G Pen design ... Read More »
  • Devilz Lettuce Herbal Blend Review

    Devilz Lettuce Herbal Blend Review

    Devilz Lettuce is the kind of blend you pack a pipe with at the end of the night and then spiral into the activities you most enjoy, freeing your mind from worry and letting you focus on the fun for just a bit. Devilz Lettuce has made me realize how ingrained proper plurals are in my mind, my fingers feel as if they’re fighting over the keys every time I hit the ‘z’ key instead of the ‘s’ key, but I think I can forgive the manufacturers of this blend. Judging from the amount of z’s I see in product names (and not just in the herbal blend industry!) it must be mighty tempting. Devilz Lettuce is an herbal smoking mix with a big green grinning cloud of smoke decorating the package. The packet states there’s only 1 gram of herb in the mix, but an added sticker in the upper corner lets me know that it’s actually 3 grams, so don’t let that confuse you. SmokingBlendReviews received our sample of Devilz Lettuce from Lazy Botanicals, where it’s currently available to purchase in both 3 gram and 1.5 gram amounts. There are no ingredients listed on the package aside from ... Read More »
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    Chrono Kratom Review

  • Chrono Smoke Review

    Chrono Smoke Review

  • China Red Enhanced Herbal Smoking Blend Review

    China Red Enhanced Herbal Smoking Blend Review

  • G4 Herbal Kush Review

    G4 Herbal Kush Review

  • Smoking herbal incense while pregnant not a good idea says doctor

    Smoking herbal incense while pregnant not a good idea says doctor

    Popular herbal incense that contain synthetic ingredient turn relatively harmless herbs like Damian herbs into a mix that will give its user an almost surreal high that is comparable or even often exceeds that of its Marijuana counterpart.  The synthetic types of marijuana are referred to or known as spice, blaze and K2 and have been consumed by millions of American’s. Many of those users who have abused the substance are young adolescent, and young adults many of which are finding themselves in the emergency room according to the researchers from the Children’s National Medical Center, Washington D.C., in a report published in the journal Pediatrics.  The Journal of Pediatrics reported that synthetic cannabinoids are made in illegal laboratories and sold in convenience stores and gas stations in several communities in the USA. The Pediatric sarticle, “Clinical Presentation Due to Synthetic Cannabinoids”, describes typical signs and symptoms of intoxication so that doctors can be aware of them. Synthetic cannabinoids were created by John W. Huffman, an organic chemist at Clemson University. He devised the cannabinoids (also known as JWH)  to aid in research of multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, and chemotherapy. Over the course of twenty years, Huffman and his team developed 450 synthetic cannabinoid compounds which were used to test the effect of ... Read More »
  • Purging Marijuana Concentrates, High Times Style

    Purging Marijuana Concentrates, High Times Style

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