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Afghan Hash Incense Review

Afghan Hash Incense Review

Herbal Incense blends like Afghan Incense (Hemp Flavor) are great and get people hooked.  First off, what other product, compared to Afghan Incense, smells so good and feels like the real deal? You get the best of both worlds with this smoking blend. What sets Afghan Incense apart from other herbal blends is that it not only makes you feel good but it can cause visual distortions like it did for me.  The only other product I can think of that altars your visual experience is Salvia and that may be too strong for some people.

Afghan Herbal Incense is strong enough, it is aromatic and feels like the real thing.  To provide a thorough review of this blend, let’s first look at the ingredients that make up the product.  The herbs used include: Betula Utilis, Lactuca sativa, Myroxylon balsamum, Laurus nobilis, Abies balsamea, Agropyron repens, and Syzygium aromaticum.  The blend also has powerful flavorings, which give off a strong aroma, as well as resins, which are solids.

This smoking blend looks like Hashish and smells like it too.  The herbs are dried up and made into the incense.  It is said that the blend is made according to an ancient recipe from Afghanistan.  After using various other herbal products, it appears that Afghan Incense is at the top of the list of most powerful blends.  To use the blend, you must break open the contents first.  You can then fill a small container with the content and let the natural fragrance take over the room.  Or, you can add the mixture into your favorite tobacco product and smoke it, which is what most people are now doing.

Afghan Herbal Incense provides a tranquilizing experience, leaving you feeling relaxed.  Like mentioned above, some people experience visual distortions and may even get an energy boost.  It all depends on the body, the amount used and the method of consumption.  The effects of Afghan Incense are short but worth the experience.

The Good
The product can be burned as incense or added to tobacco for smoking and the aroma of Afghan incense is unlike any other smoking blend.

The Bad
Afghan Incense is a powerful product and may be too strong for first time users.  In other words, be cautious if it is your first time.

The Verdict
Because Afghan Incense smells incredibly aromatic and wonderful, it is simply worth the experience just for the scent and flavors.  Above all, the outcome and effects are just like the real deal.

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  1. I tried a few other blends and they didn’t work. Stuff like blue lotus and Kratom did nothing for me. I was shocked and amazed how just a tiny ball the size of pea was more than enough. This is just like good weed. The high take a few minutes to set in so I wouldn’t recommend smoking more than one to two hits within five minutes. Let the high kick in before you smoke more, it’s pretty strong.

    I guess at high doses it could cause the more adverse effects that pot has such as paranoia, anxiety, nervousness ect. Just start out with a samll amount to make sure you can handle the high.

  2. man on the moon

    OMG just got this stuff two days ago and was taken over by the feelings and sinsations you get from this i can deff. say pace yourself i used to much first time and was to gone which was great but alittle to strong for my tastes. I do recommend this product!

  3. we would all get along if we all had a bong

    im waiting for this in the mail….. from yalls reviews it sounds amazing i hope it is will repost and let you kno how it goes

  4. As the others have stated, this is as close to the real deal as you can get. Mellower than Super Kush and the others plus it doesn’t taste like chemicals but like hash. I’ve tried Blue Lotus and others along that line that don’t do diddly squat and taste like crap. If you’re not a chronic Kush, Green Cobra, Tribal…etc user, you’ll definitely enjoy the effect.

    If you haven’t tried stuff like this before, do yourself a favor and just take ONE hit and wait 10 minutes.

  5. abouta year ago me and my girl bought some and smoked it between about 4-5 people…. all of it in about 2 hours top the experience was describable as a trippy morphine or opiate like high ive had experience with an uncountable number pharm drugs and non pharm drugs and aghan hash tops quite a few of them its an experience ill never forget HAHAHAHA!!!!

  6. From the review’s that I’ve read,I’m looking forward to recieving my shipment,I have alway’s just “sampled”my stash before I expiriment.My motto has been for 43 year’s,”if one hit does wonder’s,then it take’s three to get started.” greenman in Arizona

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