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Basics of SC Spice Blends

Introduction to Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Basics

So you think you’re ready to enter the world of synthetic weed, and get STONED with Mr. Wizard…

Common forms of synthetic cannabinoids available on the ‘retail’ market:

Synthetic cannabinoids, they’ve been around for years and years, but somehow only recently emerged into the ‘retail’ online RC and local head shop market. The most common form of synthetic cannabinoid (in this case “legal smoke”) is a mixture of dried plant matter, sprayed with an unknown amount of an unknown cannabinoid. The most common brand names for these are the obvious K2 Incense, Spice Smoking Blend, Serenity Now, and so on and so on. This stuff if not gotten from a reputible supplier, could be either a) bunk b) reallly overly strong or c) looks like fish food and not too appealing in any of these cases. On the other hand there are very reputible and honest suppliers of these ‘incense’ as well

The other form of synthetic cannabinoid you probably are familar with (or are here to become familar with) is the pure lab grade “research chemical” compounds, such as the JWH and WIN families. These chemicals were designed by various research chemists and big pharma style companies (Pfizer, Sterling Winthrop). These chemicals effects vary widely in potentcy, effects, and duration of action depending on the family of cannabinoid and which particular compound of that family you are dealing with.

Routes of administration:

When it comes to ingestion of synthetic cannabinoids, it’s pretty simple. The K2/Spice “Herbal Incense” can be smoked or vaporized just like regular natrually occuring cannabinoids. The synthetic RC cannabinoids on the other hand, can be smoked out of a regular spoon on a bed of ash (see picture below) or screens w/ ash, rolling papers, celluose rolling papers, or whatever works for you best. There is the thought among researchers that some synthetic cannabinoid compounds are destroyed when exposed to direct flame. In this case, oral vaporization with a oil burner meth pipe or aluminum foil (chasing the j-dragon), I’ve even read accounts of absorbsion via insufflation with some of these compounds, WIN 55 being one of them that will be discussed further later. There are many methods of ingestion that will be discussed in greater detail later in the OP. I even tried plugging JWH-018 one night, but I was wrecked on Jim Beam and OxyContin so I dont know if did even did anything at all, but it was in the name of science

General overview of effects:

Generally, it feels like weed, but missing something. Like mentioned before, it really depends on the compounds, dosages, ratios, ROA, among other things that will account to the potentcy and positive-effects. Some of these compounds are several times (even several hundred times ) stronger than THC, some are CB1 agonists, some are CB2 agonist, some are CB1 and 2 agonists. These chemicals are all very unique and their effects their own, and also dependant on the quality of the synthesis. The main positive feelings (or high) of SCs are pretty much identical to that of their natrual cousins THC and CBD, elevated or uplifted mood, hightened creativity or curiosity, a state of relaxation, increased sense of humor, decreased cognitive ability eg: memory loss or “brain farts” (will be discussed in depth later), increased appitite, and time distortion. While also missing some elements described by JWH users (when compared to THC) such as lack of body high or the lack of extreme laziness/severe couchlock. Again, like with everything else, effects, dosage, and duration of these SCs will be discussed in more detail later in the advanced breakdown of the synthetic cannabinoids, their families and related compounds.


This is only an introductory section to this guide, so the warnings and precautions of using SCs recreationally will only be touched on lightly in this paragraph. *This advice should not be considered ‘medical’ advice in any way, but is collected is from reputable web sites, government sources and studies, scientific reports and research, and what
other little documentation exists on these SC compounds*
Eyeballing synthetic very potent lab-grade chemicals
The risk and signs of overdose
The Fear, and tips for dealing with it.
Common sense, something not used enough in the research chemical underworld.

-> Eyeballing: Rule of thumb is, don’t eyeball doses. No matter how many times this is said, people don’t listen (including myself). If you really want to be serious about researching these compounds, you should obtain the proper measurement equipment, links will be provided below. Other than possibly overdosing, whice I’ve done multiple times also, there is one more consequence of irresponsible use and eyeballing measurements of SCs. Because you can continously raise the dosage beyond the ceiling point of THC, eventually your doses will just grow to heroic amounts in order to feel the slightest ‘relaxation’. I’ve also gathered that this tolerance also transfers also to THC, other cannabinoids, and apparently takes forever to go away. I will have to take a picture of how much I use for example why not eyeball chemicals, and how it causes stupid-high-tolerance, and possible addiction.
-> Addiction Potential: Guess what? Remember all those times you heard “marijuana is not addictive” well forget that. Information surfacing after widespread long term illicit use and abuse of these cannabinoids. Some believe because of the way they directly activate cannabinoid receptors, the receptors can grow more dependant on these drugs. Some users have reported (such as myself) withdrawal phenomenon occuring within 24 hours of ceasing intake of cannabinoids.
-> Overdose: This is something very easy for you to do with these potent cannabinoids, mainly when you are using the pure chemical prepreations. While it is thought that these overdoses are nothing more than ‘getting really high’ and are not hamful or fatal, as is with THC, but there is not enough evidence to support any theorys yet. Signs/symptoms of a SC OD are: anxiety or panic attacks, racing heartbeat, racing or looping thoughts (usually negative in subject matter), trouble or shortness of breath, and even reports of audial or visual hallucinations.
-> “The Fear”: You might’ve heard this term thrown around in the old thread, or used to describe an overdose of JWH. The key is, it’s not real, it’s only being caused by an over excitement of your cannabinoid receptors. Try to listen to some upbeat music, read, watch tv, or something to get your mind off the panic. If those options fail, you can try taking a shower, eating a lot of food, or going for a brisk run.
-> Common sense: Remember, this stuff is strong, potent by weight, cheap, and easily available to most worldwide. Common sense MUST be practiced with these drugs even more so than more-so “run of the mill” street recreational drugs. Don’t give your friend who only smokes a little weed at parties a dime baggie with 50mg of JWH-018 powder in it, and tell him to dig in. You know, common sense like that.

Drug Testing

Until recently, these SCs weren’t detectable in any drug tests on the market anywhere. Now there are a labs that currently offer LC/MS/MS (thats right, double MS) urinalyasis detection of JWH-018 and JWH-073 two SCs identified in “27 herbal smoking mixtures”, and well as supposedly “establishedtest methods to identify the presence of their metabolites”. There is also currently labs offering blood tests that can confirm JWH-018, 019, 073, and 250. Well this sucks, thank god for researchers that have jobs, probation officers, or otherwise faggots that interfere with their research, these are only detectable in urine for up to 72 hours. Finally at least there is some part-science probably part propaganda ‘official’ look into drug testing for JWHes here


The US Drug Enforcement Administration have announced that they are using the emergency scheduling law to ban 5 common synthetic cannabinoid compounds (including JWH-018, JWH-073, and JWH-200). Obviously there are hundreds more compounds available and that are pretty much (just would like to stress: pretty much) completely legal around the world, with the exception of a few cutting-edge countries of the world, and an increasing number of US States and even local/county governments are beginning the slow crackdown on these “legal THC alternatives” The Drug Enforcement Agency identified the “Spice Cannabinoids” as a drug or chemical of concern in 2009. Please if I am missing any Countries, US states, or US municipalities (entire list coming soon) that you know the current legal status, feel free to reply and let us know about the legal status in your hometown!

Countries to ban one or more SC
Austria, Belarus, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, South Korea (but not North?), Sweden, Estonia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, United States and the United Kingdom

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  1. This is much more useful than sifting through the other websites. Thank you.

  2. Has anyone else here been using these (specifically the JWH’s) as a full-time replacement for THC? After about two weeks experimenting, I have to say that it is nice to be smoking a significantly reduced volume of substance. In addition, not being concerned about odor issues is a joy that is only realized when I spend time with my weed-smoking friends. The low cost and short duration, however, make it all too appealing to smoke larger doses. Given the option to be ridiculously high and then stone sober less than two hours later adds an interesting dynamic to my weekends.

    Has anyone found practical ways for dosing these substances in public? I’ve envisioned prerolled cigarettes but the filters tend to cause problems because I would assume the vaporized JWH resolidifies when it touches the colder filter.

  3. RustyTrombone

    Be careful with these.

    I have headaches everyday since an 18 OD. My headaches are a burning annoying sensation located in front of my ears. Sometimes I can feel it shift around to my neck and other parts of my head. Smoking weed makes it shift everywhere like crazy and hurt a lot more. This past week has been horrible.

    I smoked pure jwh-018 from a US vendor. One night I smoked just way too much and had a horrible trip where I thought I was dying for sure. Ever since I came down from that high I’ve had this problem. This was 7 months ago. I’ve smoked 18 dozens of times and years ago in blends when it was more underground. I’ve overdosed on it quite a few times too but nothing like this happened. None of my friends got the problem from the same batch either.

    I’ve found a few other people with my problem: http://bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=495400

  4. drunken officeparty

    On a different level, I smoked too much JWH-018 once and aside from throwing up, my life is now one big existential crisis

  5. Seen my gf have a seizure from JWH-018 build up in a pipe; be especially careful with newbies.

  6. As someone who has tried 018, 073, 200, and 250 (and limited experience with RCS-4), I think it’s safe to say that starting out with 018 is a very very bad idea. 200 or 250 are substantially less mind-fucking and a much better idea for beginners.

    I think 250 is my personal favorite.

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