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Black Mamba Incense Review

Black Mamba Incense Review

Black Mamba Incense Review

There’s a new drug in town and it’s called the Black Mamba Incense. Contrary to many first timers’ beliefs; No this is not a snake and no you did not see this on ‘Kill Bill’ (the pussy wagon long died after showing up in Lady Gaga’s telephone music video). This is something different; this is a ‘drug’ that is causing somewhat of a major hype in the growing community. People say that this is the new high, some say that this is still incomparable to the banned cannabis; but what is this really? What is this new spice is town? What is Black Mamba?

Black Mamba is causing a stir in the whole smoking community. It is a spice blend of many sorts that apparently gives you the same euphoric effect as cannabis. The spice blend Black Mamba is made mostly of Damiana. It is an herb with yellow flowers that mostly thrives on dry climates such as California, Texas, and Mexico. There are also reports of this concoction containing herbs such as Lotus, Red Clover, Lousewort, Baybean, and many other herbs and spices. In the olden days (Before it was called Black Mamba) this blend is famously known to be used by Indians and many other American cultures for sexual stimulation, relaxation, rituals, and other medicinal purposes. Today, it is being sold as an aromatherapy incense to relax the minds of the people using it.

To those who have seen Black Mamba, they describe the texture as more fluffy and light compared to other spice blends out there. The consistency is very light that to the naked eye it would look as if it doesn’t pack a punch in grams. As to how it transmits in our noses, it does not come close to smelling like cannabis but because of the many herbs and spices blended to create this concoction, the Black Mamba spice is considered to be very aromatic as the cannabis itself. The smell of it is sweet, very earthy, and somewhat woody, it also has a hint of citrus, and tea leaves in it as well; it is very close to smelling like oregano or sage actually. The taste however is intimately similar to Mexican Shwag.
The question now is, why is its demand increasing tenfold? People have been buying this said blend because of the claimed effects is has on humans. That said, the reason why it is currently making news and is popular with people who smokes mind altering substances in many states and in many parts of the world is because of its near comparison to cannabis. Many people claim that the effects that Black Mamba would give you are the same with ‘Marijuana’ but on a different note.

People having taken cannabis or ‘Marijuana’ would assure you of the effects such as euphoria, lightheadedness, thirst, and hunger; People who have used Black Mamba claims the same. The means of taking Black Mamba in your system is quite the same with cannabis, you either use a bong to purify any harsh chemicals inside it or you roll it in a rolling paper and smoke it to your heart’s desire, your choice. Others however, take Black Mamba in their system by means of ingestion. People have their own creative way of ingesting it by boiling water and mixing the concoction in, serving it as tea.

After having smoked or ingested Black Mamba, the effects of it kicking in your system is almost instant. The Black Mamba spice packs quite a punch that the effects after taking it in would instantly show as fast as your initial shot (one puff or one long gulp). People claim that Black Mamba would give you a Marijuana-like high, cottonmouthing, extreme thirst, munchies, extreme hunger, and an enhanced enjoyment of music and the likes. The longevity of the effect of Black Mamba in your body would last as short as 3 hours and would extend as long as 8 hours, depending on the amount of stuff you have ingested. You would also feel extreme numbness in your body during the relaxation period (no wonder people are holding on to it and selling it like pancakes on crack). The aftereffects include mild headache, a little bit of grogginess, and a slight hangover that you should not be worried about; it all depends on the moderation of your intake actually. The reason for all these is that these kinds of herbs affect the nervous system and it acts as an antidepressant that soothes nervousness, anxiety attacks, and other mild forms of depression.

The found active ingredient present in Black Mamba that gives it a kick and all things euphoric about it is the presence of JWH-018. JWH-018 is a chemical that would give you the same effect of THC (a chemical found in cannabis/ ‘Marijuana’). It is a milder form of THC found in cannabinoids or in any other synthetic cannabis out there. The only known difference about both is that the chemical JWH-018 is a chemical that is considered legal in the U.S.

Black Mamba can be bought locally; you can find Black Mamba and many other spice blends online, on tobacco shops, adult gift stores, lingerie stores, and certain convenience stores as well. Buying it would depend on the state you are currently residing though. There are some states that put Black Mamba on a schedule I drug, which means that it is considered illegal to buy and sell it in the state you are living in.
Because little is known about the long term effects of Black Mamba, one should practice caution in doing these kinds of practices. Too much of a good thing is always bad for you. Do research before you venture into this kind of temporary high.

The Good
The good side of it though is that this kind of spice blend is excellent to try should you want to put yourself in a state of calmness and relaxation. The taste is very palatable and the smell is aromatic which makes things easy to ingest. It is also a good substitute should you wish to pass a drug test.

The Bad
The bad side of it however, is that it is strong and it is rough on the throat, it can cause nausea when taken in large quantities, and it is not readily available in all states. Also, less research was made with this type of concoction; little is known.

The Verdict
Overall it is important to remember that this spice blend is sold for the purpose of incense aromatherapy only. Should you use this for any other purpose other than what this was intended for and have medical-related problems with it in the long run is your responsibility. Practice everything with precaution and buy it in a place or from people you trust.

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  1. WORST trip in the world felt and seen some horrible shit on this stuff, 2 decent hits on a bong and your gone.

  2. hi, this is very strong stuff i had trouble standing and people were talking to me i recognised words but they had no meaning in sentences the thing i recognise as self was curled up in a ball sucking its thumb , i think it is a phycick mirror i guess the tribal use historicaly has been as a door to the spirit world, i did not enjoy it realy but will use again but only on esabts , sabats and equinoxes!, a friend who tried it said ” i would not give that to my worst enemy” he woudnt try again overall i prefer crack and dipipinone

  3. This was the first time we had ever done well legal.
    Hit fast and Hard.
    felt: pain,spins,falling
    seen: alot of freaky shit
    was phisicly ill and this nightmare lasted nearly two hours

  4. had at least a joint of this, one minute i was fine speaking away to people, next i didnt have a clue what was going on, had to be escorted to my livingroom by my parents, lay down and just felt as if my heart was about to give up on me, my vision was blurred, i felt sick, i was shaking, couldnt remember a thing, lasted for a few hours untill i felt well enough to stand, do not recommend this to anyone to be fully honest, worst thing ever. will stick to illegal stuff.

  5. This drug is very powerful. 3 hits on the bong and I was feeling the effects within seconds. Doing this drug standing up was a bad idea since I collapsed and could have caused myself some damage. Luckily my friend caught me. Anyway, I tripped for quite some time, seeing very interesting things, fragments from my vivid imagination that seemed to come to life. It was an amazing feeling. When I regained full consciousness, 6 hours had passed. It was almost like time travel. Great experience. Rather expensive compared to Cannabis however.

  6. Had this for the first time today , and me and a friend thought fuck it and we jammed all the gram into a joint like we do with weed , Sparked it up felt Alright Half way down the joint me and my friend felt fucked and i mean wasted my mate spewed but i carried on going like a trooper . Finished the joint and i was Flying , i felt like i was in and out of reality it was like I was a ghost and i was dead my mate looked like a cartoon character everything was like it would be in a cartoon , My heart was beating mega fast and i had stabbing pains in my heart chest and head , i couldn’t feel my face or like anything it was bloody horrible never again !

  7. I would not recommend
    this drug to anyone its the most intense horrible experience you will ever have in your lifetime and i can assure you its really horrible

  8. Idiots. You don’t smoke a bowl pack like you would bud. A pinch, and I mean a fucking pinch, will get the job done. The reason this shit is receiving DEA attention is because you fucking retards don’t know how to dose. Fuck me. Do some research before you try something. You’re fucking it up for us responsible drug users.

    • Thanks Jay. Didnt think there were still people out there with some intelligence HOLY SHIT!!! about to try this shit a little skeptical until jay here thanks guy with some sense

    • Bahaha RIGHT!!??!!?? The whole time reading the comments I was like JEEZE!! Why are these kids smoking Spice like they’d smoke Weed -,-

  9. Smoked this.. had a nice feeling.. Dose it well.. Smoke and flyy

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