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Buzz Incense

Buzz Herbal Incense

Editors Review

There are a lot of herbal incense blends out there and choosing the best one simply takes testing.  After trying almost every kind, Buzz has proven to be one of the most satisfying and it is no wonder that Buzz Herbal Incense is hot on the market.

Like most herbal smoking blends, Buzz is made of natural herbs.  You’ll find ingredients like Damiana, Bay Bean, Dwarf Skullkap, Vanilla, Stevia Leaves, Rose Petals, Hope and Licorice.  The end result: a sweet scent and a powerful blend.

For starters, Buzz Herbal Incense can be burned on its own as incense or it can be added to tobacco for smoking.  Smoking buzz creates stronger effects compared to burning it as incense.  At the first puff, you can already get the sense that Buzz is smooth to smoke.  To top it off, Buzz has a wonderful aromatic fragrance that simply adds to the whole experience.

Once the package is opened and the method of consumption is chosen, the effects of Buzz will start to kick in.  The high lasts for quite a long time, anywhere from an hour to three hours.  Buzz Herbal Incense is the ultimate blend for the perfect mind and body high.  You will soon start to feel relaxed, your body calm and your mind clear.  This is the ideal smoking blend to use after a stressful day at work.  Unlike Salvia and even Afghan Herbal Incense, Buzz does not create altered perceptions or cause you to hallucinate.  It really is meant to relax you and de-stress.  You will notice an improvement in your mood and when you feel better, you will have more energy later.

The Good
Buzz is the ultimate blend for a smooth smoke and sweet aroma.  It is not harsh like some other products on the market.

The Bad
Buzz may not be strong for everyone, especially if you are a frequent user.

The Verdict
For a long-lasting experience, sweet fragrance and strong effects, Buzz is the perfect blend.


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  1. Based on the information in this review I went ahead and ordered some Buzz smoking blend for myself. Two nights ago I lit up my chillum and took three to four medium hits. One the plus side, the Buzz blend is much smoother to smoke than regular pot and definitely smells better. The high was almost immediate, but it was a distinctly different high than spice or weed brings. I started panicking as I realized that my sense of control was slipping away extremely fast. While trying to calm myself down, I embarked on the worst trip of my life. The high lasted at least three hours. During that time, I felt my skin melting, the world imploding, my heart racing, my stomach cramping (causing severe nausea), and my vision shaking (causing everything and everyone around me to blur and vibrate). After my boyfriend got me to finally relax enough to lay down, my body began spasming hard for a good hour. It was so hard I thought I was having a seizure. When I woke up several hours later, I still moved like I was going in slow motion. My stomach has been sick since then as well. Due to this experience, I am quitting smoking altogether. As a side note, I am not a regular smoker, more like someone who does it for recreation about once a week. This blend was much too strong for me and I wouldn’t recommend it to any moderate users.

  2. Ive been smoking buzz for like 8 months now im so addicted I cant stop smoking it. Everyday I go through 4grams if I dont smoke it my fingers go numb and I feel nothing like my sense of touch is messed up but soon as I smoke it goes back to normal im trying to call intervention on myself its that bad. I recommend to know one. Highly afdictive. The.Pros great high love it. Just consumes your life though

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