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Code Black Herbal Incense Review

Code Black Herbal Incense Review

If you are a fan of herbal incenses then you know that not all blends come with the same quality. Most smokers are in search of the perfect product and suffer months, even years, of disappointment before they find it. Here’s a tip though: if you are looking for a high quality blend that has a pleasant smell for everyone to enjoy, fast-forward your search to Code Black Herbal Incense. Likely, you have already heard of the brand due to its stand-out quality. This smoke provider makes all products from completely natural ingredients, which is a huge bonus for customers looking for pure and safe smoke options. Though this brand is newer, don’t let that stop you from testing its quality. They all come with a lot of support behind them from users and offer dependable smoke solutions to just about everyone who gives them a chance. With this company’s products, you not only get sure-fire hits, but you get the chance to test the various blends. Most good products come with some variation for the smoker to tailor their experience, and this is no exception.

First there is Black. Black is the variation of Code Black that has fruit flavors. If you enjoy “sweet” smoke blends, then this could be the perfect selection for you. This one comes in pineapple, mango, melon, strawberry and berry. Whatever your favorite one is, you are going to love the smoke it creates. It isn’t so strong that you are going to be overpowered by sweetness, but still it gives a long-lasting and powerful effect. It is common that users almost immediately feel a relaxed and laid-back effect soon after lighting this smoke up!

Next, there is Silver. Silver is a blend that comes with The Plus and the Menthe blend. Do you have problems sleeping? Or, winding down? This may be the answer you need! Silver is a dual pack that can break through even the most sleep-deprived user’s problems with relaxation. This blend is not sweet like the Black blend; rather, this one is a sour taste that plays well to those who love the smell of menthol. Any aversion to sweetness is impetus enough to test out Silver as your next smoking blend.

Finally, there also is Gold. This blend has both the Blue and Black label blends. Users looking for the most potent of the three blends, may want to immediately fast-forward to Gold. It provides an immediate calm feeling of peace when it is lit. Time and time again, this blend comes back with great reviews and repeat customers!

Overall Code Black Herbal Incense is a company that you likely are going to return to time and time again. Just test out some of their blends and you easily will see what so many other users are talking about. In addition to their quality smoke, the company also offers some of the best shipping rates you are going to find in the market today. Their customer support is easy to work with and dependable. Test for yourself and likely you are going to be sold on the Code Black Herbal Incense products just like thousands of other smokers already are.

Score Breakdown

Aromatic potency: 9.5/10

Lasting effect: 1 – 2 hours

Quality of herbs: 9.8/10

Packaging: 10/10

Price: $15.96 (2 grams)

Overall Score: 9.8/10

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