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Crazy Zombie Attack – Bath Salts myth de-mythed!

Crazy Zombie Attack – Bath Salts myth de-mythed!

On May 26, 2012 a man was attacked in Miami by another man who bite his face off leaving nothing but his goatee. I know you all heard of this story, because news coverage about it went on for a hardcore 96 hours! Even people in Europe heard about it for pete sake. The media dubbed it the Zombie attack (really loosing grip with reality (the media)), they love this kind of story and tends to run it to its death especially when they can blame the lack thereof of government regulation (blame government) for a drug that was not properly regulated under Schedule I (aka “the money waster section”/ “referee madness”).


Soon afterward the police were speculating that the designed drug known as Bath Salts was the culprit in this “Zombie Attack” (its so ridiculous, only hollywood could come up with this crap or CapCom), mothers groups against everything united to rally the cause and blame drugs again for the answer to all there F*** little kids problems (well not really but i threw that in there b/c you know they were around somewhere they are always to blame for policies against drugs).


To add to the ridiculous hysteria this story has become the media went on  to compare “bath salts” as the new LSD… anyone who’s tried bath salts will tell you it has bloody well nothing to do with LSD.. (ironically in the past the media also compared Salvia to LSD, I guess we will say the media believes all drugs that are legal are all like LSD…oh my god LSD its horrible (sarcasm).. I am starting to ponder whether the news casters who write this crap just arn’t just writing it because deep down those hippies at heart only tried that drug in there whole life….and now don’t want there kids doing it.) Anyways to wrap up before my rant basically the whole LSD comparison and the zombie apocalypse (man ratings will be strong for Walking Dead next season!) is where the confusion began.


Quote from GQ.com where my story was inspired from:

Thankfully, the media soon teased apart the distinction between LSD and bath salts (which is a form of speed, nothing like LSD). Most of the hysterical conjecture about zombies died down soon after, when on June 27, the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s office released a toxicology report showing no evidence of bath salts in assailant Rudy Eugene’s system. To some, the face-eating incident had become a litmus test for the psychosis-inducing effects of bath salts, and that test apparently came back negative. From this, people might conclude that the dangers of bath salts were overblown by a panicky media and a puritanical government—”reefer madness” all over again.

And the supporting evidence from an actual user quote again comes from GQ.com:

One woman I interviewed through e-mail (let’s call her “Jackie”) has tried the drug and described it this way: “Chemically, it activates the ‘feels great’ and ‘get more of this’ centers, so you can imagine the results. Like eating your favorite food, dancing to your favorite song, talking with and making love to your beloved, all without leaving your chair.” However, Jackie echoes Pinsky’s warning: “The dosing and re-dosing is vicious and nearly impossible for most to resist. When your whole nervous system has just convulsed and said in chorus ‘YES! DO THIS!!’ who are you to ignore it?”

To read more about this exciting story with a more in-depth look and analysis, check out:

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