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Hammerhead Herbal Incense

Hammerhead Herbal Incense

After searching around different sites for some new spice to try, my friend suggested me Hammer Head herbal smoking incense. From what the description said, it’s “20x more potent than any other smoking blends”, so I was curious how strong it would be. One day I decided to buy a 3 gram pack of this blend from an online shop.  Meanwhile the product arrive I have done some research on it and find below mentioned facts and figure about this product.

  • Name of the blend: HAMMERHEAD
  • Product is free from below mentioned cannabinoid:
    JWH133, CP 47,497m, CP 47,497-C6, C-8, and C-9, JWH 030, HU 308, HU 311, HU 243, HU-210, JWH 251, JWH 203, JWH 250, CP 55,940, RCS-4, RCS-8, RCS-4 C4 homolog, JWH 073, JWH 015, AM 694, JWH-073 3-methylbutyl homolog, JWH-022 , AM-2201, MAM-2201, JWH 018, MDA-19, JWH 007, JWH 368, JWH 019, JWH 145, JWH 122, JWH 398, AM – 2233, JWH 210, Pravadoline, JWH 081, JWH 200, WIN 55212-2, AM – 1220, AM – 2232, CB-13, AB-001, AM-1248, URB 754, URB 602, URB 597 ,Salvinorin A and I got a lab report to support this.
  • DEA Objection: No
  • Drug Test Issues: No
  • Legal Status: In all 50 states.

Allergy Test:

I took a small amount of this blend about 0.005 gram and place it on my tongue and wait for 48 hours to check if there is anything which cause me allergy but fortunately there is nothing to fear and there is no side effects of this product despite the fact that taste is really horrible if you place it on your tongue like that.

(Note: Herbs effects differently on different body types so it does not mean it is okay for me so it will work for you as well. So please do the allergy test yourself for any smoking blend you are going to smoke.)

Trip Report:

00:01 I was advised by my friend that it will give me an instant high within 2-3 hits so I was aware of that if I overdo the hits it will mess up  my mind. So I took 0.50 gram of this blend and smoke it with bong. I took first hit and keep it in for 10-15 second and exhale it smoothly.

00:02 at this stage I was kind of disappointed that this is not giving me the same result as I was expecting so I took 2-3 more smooth hits and at 4th hit I felt like it kick in and now I was gone back in flash back and felt like my body weight is very much decreased and I can jump and touch the sky.

00:04 it felt amazing now, all the stress I had from my job dropped away and I had an absolute boom with it. It really was 20x Stronger then the product I tried before, that is for sure. It felt like the hours were flying by but I checked the clock and only 4 minutes had went by.

00:30 I was much more relaxed and now I am thinking about my previous bad experience and how to precede my life in future. I tried to read magazine but the words were little bit blurry and it was hard to read so I gave up reading mag.

00:45 I grabbed a bag of munchkins and ate it whole bag. After that I felt sleepy so I jumped on my couch try to have some good sleep.

01:10 I was unable to sleep and still feeling some euphoria but I am much more relaxed than before. I think it was the optimum point of relaxation.

02:45 just got up after a good nap and feeling awesome and energetic like anything.

03:00 the effect is ware off completely and there is no euphoric left.


The paraplegic sensation lasted about 1:15 minutes or so but the whole feel lasted about 2:45 minutes. I have to say I have never smoked anything that solid before.


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  1. Awesome product… me and my pals have tried this shit 5 times so far and every time we were satisfied…
    I highly recommend hammerhead to every regular smoker out there this worth a try

    5 star rating from my side 🙂

  2. I smoked alot of different brands of spice and this hits the hardest of them all, be warned if you are new to spice you should try something weaker this may have you stuck :p. I wonder what they put in the stuff, they only tell you whats NOT in it, I wonder if its even a cannabinoid?

  3. Where can I find Hammerhead? Would love to try!

  4. In Missouri the Hammerhead sucks…. Darkness, on the other hand 3 hits from a hand roll and I got lost in my home town. I had to pull over and collect myself for about a half-hour all the while my girlfriends laughing at me.

  5. Need it urgently in Egypt

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