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NewsFlash: 3 confirmed indicted in Carlsbad Spice Bust

NewsFlash: 3 confirmed indicted in Carlsbad Spice Bust

Today in Carlsbad a community located in the state of New Mexico, 3 man were indicted with drug possession and trafficking charges. Readers, shop owners and users heed my words do not be as dumb as these three people, selling herbal incense of any kind of synthetics whether its G2, G3 whatever is a big no no, I can pull up countless other stories about similar occurrences.  A store that can easily be targeted by DEA or law enforcement officials and is subject to the scrutiny of the community is for sure an easy cash grab/target. I noticed Hammer Head I was under the impression the company had stopped producing this product and had never made a 3rd generation herbal incense anyone can confirm?

This story highlights a crucial lesson for all store owners stop selling herbal incense with synethics cannabanoids, you might as well be selling crack cocaine in your store. For all personal users heed a warning from this be careful of what and where you purchase your goods you also could be a target of a sweep. Also if you get stopped and an officer finds these in your car you can NO longer claim its just incense its legal, you can clearly see here that the authorities do not care if you thought you were a smart ass and the guy who sold it to you told you he modified it with Generation 3 synethics like UR-144 or 5FUr144, you have no way of knowing what is in those herbal incense packets!

America time to take a step back and take a deep breath in and say its time to move on, especially store owners.  Why would you risk your business, your name and possibly getting charged with possession of a controlled I substance for the sake of making a few hundred or thousand dollars before your reported by some crusading mom that found out her 15 year old got a hold of that herbal incense from your location!

In further news about this story, officials say last week, Garlan Plumlee, Justin Thompson, and Phillip Larez were all indicted for possessing and intending to distribute a synthetic form of marijuana known as “spice.” That’s this guy here… The indictment also charges Plumlee with money-laundering offenses. Plumlee is charged with laundering the proceeds of the allegedly unlawful drug trafficking.  Court filings said that the three used Plumlee’s shop, Looking Glass, on Canal Street in Carlsbad to sell “spice.”

While this idiot is not convicted yet his reputation is in the shit bowls, his name forever and ever on the internet, if any prospective employeer (he’s pretty old) looks him up you bet he wont hire a guy like this. Don’t be the next looser to have his reputation destroyed for selling herbal incense!  If he’s convicted which he might be because the law is so vague it can be interrupted by a judge easily as saying well while UR-144 doesn’t directly affected CB1 receptors and mostly CB2 receptors which are not covered by the recent law that passed in July it does partially affect it and therefore, ablabl he’s guilty … and as a result he may be facing to 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine. If only mr, Plumlee’s would have just kept on selling glass ware he would have been alright… given by the amount shown on the picture he may have had 50 units on hand at the very most… wow. Criminal record for a measly 50 units.. (maybe they don’t show the whole stash, but i doubt this guy had 1000 of units and was gonna pull in 10-20k in profits, at best 1k…)  

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  1. Justin Thompson

    you obviously don’t know the story I was there my name is Justin thompsonI worked at that store.I’m mostly called the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force to find out what chemicals were legal and illegal at the time.I was fed lies I was misdirected by thedrug taskforce as to what chemicals were illegal.I was wrong for selling spice I will never do it again I believe it’s not good for people.but the police set us up.stole from our shop.and lied to the judge.

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