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Ohio Business Owner Indicted, Products Seized

Ohio Business Owner Indicted, Products Seized

According to an Ohio local television news station, there was a major raid on a local tobacco shop, resulting in large seizures of property. Local law enforcement searched the busy location for synthetic marijuana, and found what they were expecting.
“Ashland Police Detectives, Ashland County Sheriff’s Detectives, Loudonville Police and the U.S. Marshal’s Violent Fugitive Task Force raided the Loudonville Tobacco Shop on Tuesday and served the owner with an indictment,” according to WMFD.
The shop had previously been raided in January of this year with law enforcement recovering many packages of herbal incense. This time they found 191 packets, which they estimate have a street value of $2,000, as well as more than $3,500 in cash, and possibly surveillance footage that may incriminate those involved in the operation. So why were law enforcement officials so keen to shut the shop down that they raided twice in under a year?
“This latest raid was conducted because the same product ended up in the possession of an Ashland Middle School student. The store owner, Larry Bays, 67, was served with an indictment for aggravated trafficking in drugs, aggravated possession of drugs and possessing criminal tools,” as reported by WMFD.

It remains unclear as to whether the surveillance equipment will yield footage usable in the prosecution of Bays, such as evidence of sale to the middle school student, or if it will show his compliance with local laws. The same is true of the items seized, pending laboratory analysis and screening for synthetic cannabinoids. It looks likely that Bays will likely face trial and a substantial sentence. Here’s hoping he has a good attorney on retainer.

Source. WMFD

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