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Organic Farms Cali Crunch

Organic Farms Cali Crunch

nat-NOF-CaliCrunchI received my Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kush yesterday and was excited to see what all the
hype is about. First off the packaging was first rate. The screw top plastic container it came in is a
nifty little jar that I will be re- using again and again long after the contents are used up. I got the
1.5 g size and let me tell you: there is a lot more herb stuffed into the jar then I expected to get. This
will definitely last for more than a session or two. I didn’t notice any specifics on the labeling about
exactly what type of herb this was but it does say 100% natural and it looked it. There seemed to be
about three or four different types of herbs in the mix which were mostly light greenish with some
red bits and virtually no stems which I was happy to see. I’ve noticed that other herb brands have
an unusually high content of stems and shake but not this Organic Farms Cali Crunch. A definite
plus! Overall the color and texture was very pleasing and I had no problems breaking it up to pack a
bowl with.

The before- burn smell was very mild -a common plant smell, that did not extend away from the
herb at all which means that it is basically undetectable when the jar is opened, another plus!
Lighting it I did not notice much of a change in odor besides a normal plant/flower like smell not
unlike potpourri but much milder. It was definitely very low key. Taking the first puff there is
definitely a bit of harshness but only briefly and no urge to cough. The taste is akin to the smell of it
burning, neither good nor bad. There were no immediate effects but after a minute or two I began
to notice a definite euphoria and a heightening of my senses. I think I giggled and there was a smile
on my face. This light- headedness lasted far longer than I was accustomed to with other brands
and I found myself wanting to put on some music and enjoy the moment. I was definitely functional
after inhaling it but there was also enough “zoning” to take me out of the norm and make the high
thoroughly enjoyable.

I took a drive down the street for some fast food and had no trouble driving and absolutely no
paranoia. The majority of the effects lasted for about 20 minutes and then began to subside in the
next 10 to 15 minutes after that. This was also a pleasant surprise as some of the other brands
I’ve tried didn’t last even half as long and nowhere near as pleasurable. I packed another bowl
and found that the harshness of my first puff was even less than the first but the effects were not.
Round two was just as pleasurable and long lasting as the first time which also was a pleasant
surprise. Overall I would give this product and A+ across the board- in terms of quality, quantity
and packaging. I’ve already ordered more and will continue to do so in the future. Way to go
Organic Farms Cali Crunch!

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  1. I ordered this product not only because of this review, but because the website purports that the person who runs this company is a disabled veteran. I am a disabled veteran and will do what I can to help other vets like me. The moment I made my purchase, the money was taken out of my account. It has now been 15 days and I have yet to hear anything from them – no receipt, no invoice, no mailing notice, no product. After 3 emails sent with no replies and a call to a fake phone number (the number listed on the site is for a lawyers office), I am down right upset. These people will rip you off. Don’t attempt it!

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