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Outer Edge Natural

Outer Edge Natural

If you are a fan of citrus, then Outer Edge could be the perfect smoke for you! Not only does it have a great citrus scent and taste to it, but it also has enough of a punch to give you a great smoke experience. When I sat down with it, I was skeptical. Citrus isn’t one of my favorite scents, so I was ready for something different. Fortunately, the citrus isn’t overpowering. Yes- it is there, but you can still enjoy the smoke blend itself. I sat down with it at home to try out the new product and was happily surprised. If you are a long-time fan of smoke blends then you probably heard about this one way back, as it was one of the originals. Don’t let your first impression from way back deter you from testing it out again though because there are some happy changes that are likely going to keep you coming back.

The creators have worked with it to make it even better. Outer Edge has removed everything synthetic- now you get only a completely natural smoke. This is great news for those who are worried about their health. Speaking of health, just a friendly reminder to all those who are reading this blog entry, this product should not be consumed. It is incense. You should be a few feet away while enjoying it. When I first tested it out, I realized that though it is incense, it still gave me a great effect. Not only was it calming and peaceful, but the citrus element brought a clean feel to the room.
Also, with this one, you aren’t going to find any stems or other unwanted elements in the pack. It is somewhat equitable to “fish food” in that it flakes when you run your finger through it.

Incense is like wine in the sense that its notes can be detected in one’s experience with the product. In this particular product, I noticed a slight amount of citrus- somewhere along the lines of acidulated water used to treat apples. I also detected hints of ginger, orange, and strawberry. The effect I got after about ten minutes was one of total relaxation. I curled up in a ball with a good book to enjoy the moments of calm Outer Edge Natural Edition brought. Outer Edge is going to offer you quite a few relaxing sessions too due to how much you are going to find in the packet. When I sat down with mine, I was able to use just a bit of it and get a good smoke going.

Another advantage of Outer Edge is that a small amount will last a really long time. Using the suggested half of a gram, mine lasted 20 minutes, which was plenty of time for me to unwind. And the packet contained a little over a gram, so I could reuse it. Though Outer Edge Natural Edition is calming, that doesn’t mean you won’t be moved to get things done. Sure I slowed down a bit, but I still noted that my senses were keener after burning the incense. In conclusion, Outer Edge Natural Edition provides a calm, citrus relaxation session without the unwanted synthetic ingredients.

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