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Salvia divinorum Reviewed

Salvia divinorum Reviewed

Salvia Extract 20x

Salvia divinorum is a plant found in the Mazatec region of Mexico whose leaves contain Salvinorin A, which is an active ingredient that produces psychedelic effects. The plant has been historically used for divinatory and medicinal purposes and is used today as a legal smoking herb.

You can smoke or chew Salvia, but I find that smoking produces the strongest effects, which tend to fall in a range from mild to strong. Every user of Salvia needs to bear in mind that the effects of Salvia are different for every individual due to body chemistry, potency, dosage, smoking technique, setting and other factors.

This review is based on a 20x concentration of Salvia smoked in a pipe, without mixing other substances. The session typically lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes and users generally experience the onset of the effects within the first minute. Once the Salvia kicks in, your perception of things around you change and your vision may blur. Your body feels relaxed and fluid with the surroundings. Many people experience a lack of coordination and altered perceptions.

The environment tends to vibrate, abstract shapes appear, objects repeat themselves, and patterns appear. In other words, your senses are heightened and you become sensitive to colors, shapes, sounds and texture. After several minutes into the session, one begins to laugh, often without any control. If you are accompanied by sitters or other users, like I did, you may experience feelings of sensuality. Your sense of touch changes as you feel other objects and even the people around you. What gives me great pleasure when using Salvia is the deep insight you gain about your own life and the universe you live in. One can say that a session with Salvia is an eye opening experience but one that also puts you in a better mood the rest of the day. With the altered perceptions and heightened senses, I am able to appreciate beauty.

The overall experience is relaxing and peaceful, but it is important to note that you may experience a milder or stronger session. It is possible, although not easy, to hallucinate after using Salvia. The peak of most sessions is after five minutes and the effects begin to ware off after fifteen to thirty minutes. The after effects typically last for about fifteen to twenty minutes.



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  1. Salvia is incredibly interesting. I had a bi-location experience on it. I catapulted into a dank alley in New York after smoking the plant…came back to reality in my friends living room…the next year around the same time my band actually ended up touring New York …(I had no idea we would be touring that far when smoking Salvia nor had any plans to visit New York)…anyway I ended up going to new york and I could have sworn I saw the same dank alley way I saw while on the trip…we played a super shitty club called phat baby….strange coincidence indeed. I like the feeling of going through a worm hole after you take a hit it’s like being in a cool science fiction film and leaving your body through some kind of unstable wormhole so you have no idea where you are going to end up…I remember talking to mother nature once…seeing elves and all sorts of crazy things. I recommend this if you are an experienced psychonaut…if not it’s a powerful herb that should be built up to before trying.

  2. I thought I was a pretty hardcore tripper. First time I tried cubensis shrooms, I went on a one week binge through two ounces, then I started getting into Amanita Muscaria and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. Figured that salvia would be cool, new, and another herb to add to my “psychedelic repetoire.” But it’s just not quite like any of the other substances. Salvia is not the kind of thing you’d want to binge on. The first time I smoked it has thus far been the last time, but I have no intention of quitting. I just want to wait for the most perfect conditions. My first experience was quite something, however short it may have been. At the onset, it was clear to me that I was starting to “lose it,” and by that I mean that I was no longer LUCID. I tried as hard as I could to maintaina lucid awareness, but it was gone pretty soon. It didn’t make me hallucinate (at first) — it just put everything in an entirely different context. I really want to say that it’s a deliriant more than anything, because it puts you in a sort of dream-state; in a dream you don’t generally remember or know you are dreaming, and that’s what salvia is like.

    So my room was now a barn. It’s not like I was seeing horse stalls and horses and hay; I was still visually perceiving my room as it was, just not processing it as my room. Also, I was sitting next to a fan that was turned on. I don’t know how long I sat there in this “barn,” with “people” bustling in and out making some sort of big deal about one of the horses. But the buzzing of my fan soon became the fan talking. Again, I should note that it was not like I was actually hearing a voice speaking; instead, the sound of the buzz was being processed as communication from the fan to me. The fan wanted desperately to be turned off. The buzzing was a constant nagging from the fan to turn it off. I wouldn’t listen (partially because I couldn’t move), so it started telling me to go get my brother, because he would turn it off. Finally it got so annoying that I out loud said, “OK, FINE!” and struggled to get up. Movement was very strange. When I looked at my fan, I then saw a face. This wasn’t a hallucination either — it was just the way I processed what I was seeing. But in this case, the face I saw was actually based on visual perception, like how you’d see a face in the clouds; the two whirring blades were the eyes, and the window sill below it was it’s nose, while the space between the sill and the wall heater below it was the mouth. It looked like it was in pain, and I realized that it was because of the fan blades which were its eyes that I thought it was in pain (imagine having fan blades inside your eyes turned on!).

    As I moved toward the door to go get my brother, the off-white wall to my left was visually perceived AND processed as a huge banana. This was the first hallucination I’d had under salvia’s influence. I took a few steps toward my door and had this insight that I was beginning my life because there was only one door in my room. My “logic” was that I had just started my life (like someone had just turned a movie on) because there was only one door, which somehow meant to me that I hadn’t come from anywhere into the room. It was like being at the bottom of a well — only way to go is up (or out the door, in this case). If there were two doors, it would have meant to me that I had come into the room through one of the doors, and could leave through the other. This all occurred to me in an instant!

    It must have started to wear off at this point because then I began to realize that I was going to get my brother for a ridiculous, nonsensical purpose. This frightened me a little bit as well because I realized how non-lucid everything I had been doing and thinking was. I turned back around to look at the fan and still saw the face, but it was not as “real” and it certainly wasn’t communicating to me anymore.

    Another interesting thing I noticed was that the impulse to speak was not controllable. And I could not discern how loud my voice was speaking.

    Very intense, and this was only from an almost-full bowl of 10x extract smoked in the middle of the day. With salvia there’s no, “Oh I’m on salvia and this trip is awesome!” sense or thought process at all. You totally enter a dream-state of being where the new contextual reality becomes THE reality and everything that came before very likely may be completely forgotten.

  3. ok so i just had my first Salvia experience about a week ago but it still feels like it happened 2 seconds ago… :/

    so i have good and bad reviews about this exotic plant…
    but before i get too harsh about it i must say stupidly that for some dum reason i figured it would be best to experiment with 80XX Salvia…

    This is NOT a good idea for a first timer!~!

    well here goes nothing…
    i just got off of work and *had a shitty day* my usual is to come home sit back and light a few bowls of *Spice/ Incense* so i figured hey wtf i might as well go for the salvia tonight… it should really take the edge off… and BOy did it ever… (just to make measurements exact) i got a Starbucks straw and cut one end in half *about 1/2 inch* to make a small spoon that could easily fit into the pill bags that the salvia came in… Moving forward… i scooped 2 *1/2″* scoops into my Water pipe aka Bong aka what ever the fuk you want to call it… lit that shit up and took 2 med sized hits… OMG was that a mistake…

    Talk about Disrespecting a plant… i have never experienced a high so powerful that i actually was not even in the room any more… at first i was like woah… im high… then holey shit i am really high… then WTF is going on… OMG where am i… i started flipping out and running around the room… thank god i did what the package said and made sure i had a sitter or i might have died…. any ways to try and describe where i was magically teleported to… you would have had to seen this 3rd rated movie that i wish i would have never seen b4… named
    “NECROMENTIA” its one fuked up movie… but any ways i teleported to the room where the pig was trying to get the kid to commit suicide.. however the strange thing was i dont remember if the characters form the movie where there… i was just so terrified that i was there to even pay any attention to that much detail… then my sitter said i striped off my cloths and then started grabing *nothing* from out of my mouth… it felt like i had long tubes going down my throat like if you where in the emergency room on a ventalator? but actually awake and feeling everything… ….

    Here comes the really Freeky part… all of the above happened with in maybe 1min.. because the whole time apparently i was holding my breath and when i was trying to grab the tube out of my throat i was exhaling and talk about thick smoke… *sighs* lets just say i defently respect salvia now! exp 80xx salvia … its some serious shit… and i think people need to know exactly what there about to go through before they take there first toke… *me my self i didnt know what salvia was… i thought it was just like *spice* aka funkymonky XXXX, K2, King Krypto, exc… but stronger … boy was i wrong… :/

    any ways my advice if you are new to this plant and want to try it out… first move to a state where its still legal… lol and then only get maybe a 30 0r 40xx of the stuff dont be a dum ass like me and go streat for the most powerful stuff you can find…

    and my question for the more experienced smokers… is it possible or safe to mix salvia with demolia leaf? and smoke it maybe 93% demolia leaf and the rest salvia because i dont this i want another hit of pure salvia …. well at least not 80xx … ugh..

    all in all im still glad i tried it and i can live and tell my story about it THANKS SALVIA

  4. it was crazy the living room turned in2 the i had a pushing sensation against my face as if someone were poking there index and forefinger into my cheeks i started to laugh and i remember trying to jump in the sand it felt so real acoring to my bf who watched me a was laughing and look more happier than he had ever seen me!!….but then it started to wear off (or at least i thought it was but then i feel as if i was being drained it felt asif i was stuck n my trip i kept saying over and over let me out! i need to leave….it was a crazy experince but worth it

  5. my Salvia trip was deffinetly my last it was strange it was like i got sucked into my inner core of my body like a black hole sucking me in and i remember looking at a lighter in my hand and having it turn into a Dodge viper i was like holy shit, i dropped the lighter and my eyes started to close and the last glimpse i had was my arm going down and everything went black and i saw like 20X20 windmills all turning at the same time and from there it turned into the game plinko on the price is right which as i watched it got bigger and the last thing i remember was feeling like i got turned into a shutter door at a daycare center, i guess the couch was real stiff so it made me feel like my Knees, ass and legs were hinges but its like i remember yet i dont all at the same time, deffinetly wont EVER touch that stuff again and it was only 10X purple sticky salvia 40

  6. First and foremost, do not believe everything you read about what salvia feels like.

    Visuals, hallucinations, spiritual enlightenment, set that aside for now and consider the reasons why you are willing to try it. If you think you will get high, then save yourself the trouble and money.

    I advise for first time users, please be aware of your surroundings while you do this because you will lose your perception of reality to a certain level. Others suggest that you should have a sitter next to you, but not necessary.

    The experience itself was not that pleasant. The visuals people usually describe about pink elephants flying, cotton candy trees singing, the walls in your room opening their mouths and talking to you – it will be not as intense and nowhere near anything people claim.

    Expect to feel a little bit sick. Make sure you are feeling well before you try it and think positive. Luckily this only lasts no longer than 10 minutes. If the trip should persist any longer you will most definitely not consider repeating this again.

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