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Spice Gold Incense

Spice Gold Incense

Spice Gold

Spice is only one of many Spice herbal smoking blends and is definitely one of the popular ones.  Most people will consider Spice Gold the alternative to marijuana considering that the effects are quite similar.  What you feel with Spice Gold, and with any other herbal blend for that matter, really depends on your experience, method, dosage and the potency of the blend.

Let’s start with the physical characteristics of Spice Gold. The stuff is made of herbs that have been around for centuries and were once used by ancient cultures. The texture is light and fluffy and the ingredients include Baybean, Blue Lotus, Lion’s Tail, Lousewort, Indian Warrior, Dwarf Scullcap, Maconha Brava, Pink Lotus, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla and Honey.  The scent is aromatic and sweet and you can really smell the honey and vanilla.  The taste is quite woody with a hint of vanilla.

Spice Gold tends to be one of the harsher smoking blends, but this can be fixed by using a bong. Spice Gold is also great for starters because it is not the strongest herbal blend out there.  All you really need is a little bit of the blend and it can really work its charm.  It may not be the strongest blend out there, but the effects are sure to last you a long time and it is high quality stuff.

When smoked, Spice Gold gives you a high that lasts anywhere from four to eight hours.  The peak time is usually between twenty and thirty minutes.  When the effects start to kick in, your body begins to relax, you start to feel numb and you get an overall good body high.  There is a sense of euphoria and you may experience heightened sense of sound, especially with music.  Spice Gold generally does not cause paranoia, but that could depend on your environment.  It is best to be in a relaxed and comfortable setting with people you know.  You may experience dry mouth and slight hunger while using Spice Gold.  Once the effects start to ware off, which can be anywhere from five to eight hours, you will still feel the numbness afterwards for a little bit.  The after effects the next day may include slight headaches and grogginess, but many people do not have a hangover.

All in all, Spice Gold is a nice light blend that gives a relaxing body high that lasts for a long time.  Users of Spice products, including Spice Gold, should be cautious of legal restrictions in their area.  Many countries and various states in the US regulate Spice Products or have banned the use.  The reason is that a number of basement blends are appearing on the market, which contain chemicals that are harmful for the human body.  Do your research before you buy Spice blends from a manufacturer.

The Good
Great blend for starters as it is light and refreshing.  Spice Gold provides longer-lasting effects and smells sweet.

The Bad
The taste is not the most pleasurable and the smokability tends to be harsh.  For seasoned smokers, Spice Gold may not be the most powerful.

The Verdict
Spice Gold is a great blend overall as it gives a relaxing body high that lasts hours and hours.  Spice users should check the facts before they buy, but as long as its safe, Spice Gold is the ideal stress-reliever.



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  1. spizzle spice is horralbe it put me in the hospital, it made me not to be able to move, i stoped breathing i turned blue. it has beep putting people in the hospital all over utah making them have seizures and lung prob dont get me wrong i love smokin bud but this stuff is no good they put everything from piss to vineger in it so just be careful i dont want to see anyone die over a high, when u can wait and smoke bud again

  2. courtney houck

    but im not guna lie, spice is the shit. i love it. just be careful what kind you get so you dont fail a drug test

  3. been smoking spice for 2years and ive been on probation for geting caught with 5ounces of purp(weed) and 2 vivanze pills.

    im charged with a 2felonys and so they put an ankle montior on me and i get piss tested 3x a week.

    spice is really freakin awsome. like G.I jane the best.

  4. After hearing about spice from a few friends as well as the internet I though I should give it a try. I am a 50 year old professional, not some dirt bag druggie, and over the years, especially my younger years, I have done just about every legal and illegal drug available. Some were enjoyable and some not. But in short, I feel I have a good tolerance to anything in moderation.

    I went to my local quickie mart and asked for the most popular brand of spice they had. There were so many types I was amazed. The clerk gave me a little packet of Climaxx Power Plant. According to the packaging its 100% legal.

    I took it home and read a few blogs about this spice stuff and got a little worried. Reading about people freaking out and going to the hospital makes you think twice. Anyhow, I took out my trusty bowl and put in a small pinch of this stuff. It looked like green pocket lint. It was harsh to say the least. I had just about enough time to put the pipe down before I felt it kicking in. My heart was racing and it initially felt like cocaine mixed with LSD and alcohol. It got more and more intense until I could not sit any more and began to pace around my house. It tool every bit of my soul to maintain any sort of composure. I was fucked up beyond my control off of one little pinch of this stuff. Thankfully it only lasts about 1/2 hour and you come down quickly. It was bad. I have never in my drug taking life ever tried anything that put me on my ass like that.

    Anyhow, being the fair minded person I am, I chalked my first experience up to inexperience. I tried a few days later smoking a much smaller amount by itself and mixed with tobacco with poor results. I never really felt anything. So, last night I decided to give it one more try before I make a decision about this stuff. I took a small pinch again, and put it this time in my bong. Like last time felt the affects within 30 second. But this time it just keep getting more and more intense. Within I think about 5 minutes I was completely incapacitated. My thoughts were psychotic, I could not walk or control my body, I didn’t even know what day of the week it was, and it literally took every ounce of my being to not freak out. I spent the next 10 minutes staggering around my house, banging into walls, and nearly collapsing a few times, hoping i wasn’t going to the hospital. I then puked my guts up and spent the next hour curled up in a ball in a dark room. I would like to say that at this point I couldn’t even walk and had to crawl on the floor. I finally came down and went right to sleep for about 5 hours. I am now awake at 3 a.m writing this.

    My conclusion. What the fuck is in this stuff. How can this possibly be legal? This stuff is evil and someone is going to die or kill someone else on this. I have never, ever tried a drug that completely takes over your body and mind with one hit. There is no moderation. I am usually not a person to speak out or blog on the interned but you need to know what your getting into with this. I have never been so close to a drug induced hospital visit in my life. And it was from one hit. Please, please be warned. This is some bad, bad stuff. I will never, ever do this shit again. Whatever is left in that little packet is going in the trash. Bad, bad stuff. BE WARNED!!!

  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    Well the first time I experienced Spice, my father was stationed in the Navy and we lived at Zama army base 2 years ago. one of my friends brought spice, and we were suppose to smoke it at the river side at night. I’ve never smoked anything before then, and I was pretty excited. Haha he had a can pipe and we smoked Spice Diamond, and let me tell you folks, I was high off of my BALLS. My heart pounded faster and faster, slipped in and out of consciousness and it was the greatest shit ever. I was hunger as fuck, went to the mini mart, bought food and started to munch down everything. then about 2 hours later, It started to wear off and I was sad because the high was so fun… then I begged my friend to smoke some more and we got baked again hahahaha. End up sleeping at his house and crashed out with like 6 people on 1 Queen sized bed. Feels good, Shit was SOO cash.

  6. do spice show up on a piss test?

  7. Where did you get the info that spice is banned? Please povide some documentation! I’m in the USA and have never heard of such a thing, the stuff is being sold all over our town-currently. Please advise.

  8. Spice and other similar products were banned in the UK in December. Personally I was very disappointed, I found it very similar to the real thing, without the problems of getting supply, legality, and workplace drug testing. I’ve since tried a few of the other herbal highs on the market and none really give me any effects – although I’m open to suggestions …

  9. i can get spice here in florida at the smoke shop right by my house

  10. RWAEDIVA101

    I myself have smoked different spices, Purple, Zombie, Cotton-candy, Pink, Unleaded etc. In my opinion they all are just like the different weeds regular, dro, purp etc. The difference is it can’t be detected in a drug test, once you get high off 3/4 hits leave it alone/chill, and the high last longer. There’s no need to smoke 2,3,4 blunts just get a few hits and chill. Enjoy the high. I haven’t tried space and probably won’t after reading those comments about it.I’ll stick to what I know. There’s no study to show long term side affects but when there’s a study and its bad then we probably would want to stop smoking it. And yes you can OD take it easy.

  11. About SPACE i am on the ankle monitor and was a regular marijuana smoker before so when i herd about this legal bud i was sooo excited… i tried the purple space and we smoked a mini rillo for the first time..so my first time of trying the stuff it my experience was like some of yall my heart raced, i had cotton mouth, and i felt like if i didnt drink water right then and there i would die i couldnt get my feet to get up and walk though it was like i couldnt get my brain to function right with my body.. and for some reason when i was alone and super high would like put it in my head that i was being possessed or there was something in my house just waiting for me, i would tell myself that i was high and this was all in my head but this happened everytime i smoked it and didnt occupy myself. I continued smoking this stuff for about 6 weeks each time smoking more and more of it, when last night my friends came over and we were having a little space smoking session and when they were leaving the last thing i remember is getting out of the truck to go inside and telling them “i didnt feel right, or like myself and i was about to pass out” the next thing i remember is being surrounded by my mother slapping me to wake me up and someone yelling calling an ambulance for about and hour in a half i was in and out of my state of mind it was like i was out of my body watching myself trying to explain to everyone something but not being able to even stand or hold a conversation without going to another state of mind and passing out again…idk if i misused this product but i just think this is evil in the process it just doesnt make sense i have been reading on this stuff and there has been other people known to blackout on it, but i think that was enough for me!!!

  12. Slim bandit

    Just to add my .02 I’m in the army and a huge number of people in my unit smoke spice and its variants, including some officers and NCO’s and thus far noone has tested positive for anything despite numerous urinalysis tests. Its also true that this stuff makes sex soooo much better; my wife and I (were swingers) smoked with another couple and swapped and it was hands-down the best fuck ever. I didn’t feel like the effects are any worse than weed, but I’m unusually strong-willed so take that statement for what its worth.

    All in all I have to say its well worth the price to enjoy a great high and avoid the dumbass drug tests. I hope this doesn’t get ruined by moral guardians making it out to be some kind of devil drug the way they did weed. This stuff gets a lot of soldiers through the day and makes the dumb shit we put up with on a daily basis (when was the last time you had to ask permission to go out of town over the weekend?)bearable.


  13. Um… If you want to “pass a drug test with flying colors” then you should just not do any drugs. Period. That includes any “Legal Highs.” Just my opinion, but really; You will be guaranteed 100% that you will pass a drug test if you haven’t ingested anything, in any way, except normal food and water.

  14. FYI… The Navy does have a test for SPICE! If they think a sailor is on it the will have NCIS come in and test you just for that… It’s not a secret drug anymore.. They are kicking people out for it now…..

  15. Suck my fucking dick Nate, you come onto a legal buds website for people trying to smoke legally and you have the nerve to say some shit like that? why don’t you get drunk and wreck your car, snort some yak and have a heart attack.

    Really if you don’t do drugs you can pass a drug test? you must be a fucking scientist.

    You’re pathetic.

  16. I bought Spice a couple months ago and tried it that same night. However, it tasted so fucking nasty that it made me cough and throwup so I didn’t touch it again until now…………after being outta weed for a few days. I forced myself to smoke it and forget about how horrible it tasted and holy shit it WORKS!! It dosent give you the munchies and the high is only in my head, not my whole body so I’m still feeling like I have my natural energy without feeling the wheelchair effect. NNNNNNIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!!

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