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Spice Mojo Incense

Spice Mojo Incense

Spice Mojo is one of the oldest existing legal high blends and the makers of this blend have come out with the latest Spice Mojo.  Not only is Spice one of the most popular blends on the market, it is also one of the controversial ones.  In fact, many states in the US and other countries have banned and regulated Spice blends.  People have made claims regarding the negative health effects caused by Spice blends, but it is important to weigh the accuracy of these reports.

The problem with Spice Mojo and other Spice Smoking Blends is that users do not do their research before buying the product.  There are manufacturers that produce “basement blends,” meaning that the blends are not monitored and the makers can put anything in package.  Usually, the manufacturers will spray a chemical compound that is harmful to the body.  Before purchasing your Spice Mojo, check with the manufacturer and make sure they are reputable for quality blends.

Spice has been considered to be the legal alternative to cannabis for a long time now.  Like other herbal incense blends, Spice Mojo can be burned to allow the aroma to fill the room or it can be smoked with other tobacco.  The natural ingredients, which include Alchemila Vulgaris, Leonotis Africana, Pedicularis Canadensis, Rosa Damascena, Rubus Fruticosus and Scutellaria Alpina, have been used many years ago for ritualistic purposes.  Today, these ingredients work together to produce a highly potent blend that is light and refreshing.  Once you get a whiff of the product, you will be taken away by its sweet and fruity aroma.

To get the full effect of Spice Mojo, it is recommended to smoke the product.  The effects are highly similar to that of cannabis.  The benefit of Spice Mojo compared to cannabis is that the effects last longer and it is, of course, legal in certain states and countries.  Smoking Spice Mojo makes you feel relaxed and calm, which makes this blend perfect for a stressful day.  Spice Mojo is definitely a one up from regular Spice as far as strength goes and longer lasting effects.

The Good
Spice Mojo is stronger than regular Spice and smells sweeter.  What sets it apart is that the effects last longer.

The Bad
There are a lot of makers that produce bad blends so be sure to do your research before you buy.  You don’t want harmful chemicals with your Spice Mojo.

The Verdict
If Spice is legal in your area and you get the right stuff, you are in for a relaxing experience.

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  1. Holy schnikies. I just tried this Funky Monkey stuff. I don’t know if it is the same as the spice referred to here or not. The girl in the smoke shop said it was “spice.” I’d never tried it before but had heard of it and it just so happened that there was absolutely zero herb available and i was fresh out. I didn’t know anything about the different brands or flavors so I went with a small container of blueberry spice (“Legal potpouri”) for 8 bucks. The chick also gave me a small, free sample of “Funkey Monkey.” There was about two decent-sized bong hits in there so I smoked that down and I am freaking high as hell. I’ve been smoking herb for 20 + years but have some current legal issues and randon UAs, etc., so I’m pretty stoked to find out that this shit does actually get you high. Just feels like I’m super baked but my heart is sort of doing some weird-feeling type of shit which is a little but uncool. Also, some odd feelings in my chest. Some of the shit I just found online talks about irregular heartbeats being a possible side effect. I need to do more research but, in the meantime, I am ridiculously high on this shit that is apparently legal here in Washington or, at least “legal enough” to be carried in a smoke/head shop. Peace out.

  2. Spice is a different drug if you take it in the right quantities. I have smoked it off and on for four years now. The effects of spice when smoked in small quantities does not pull out pink bunnies from your shoe, or cause the room to spin, and halucinations are really not in play. The still thought, and deep concintration, evil or nice, the fight to make a decision is the enemy, and a sign hey pot head your not smokin weed, dont hit me so hard, give your incense bowl a chance to stay clean for awhile. One pinch that’s it no more, just enough to give a smooth half your burnin bowl for people that burn natural like I used too, just one full wiff of that spice, is all you need then sit back relax and wait patiently, “in some cases in five minutes” but the effects of this incense is trully like anti angry, anti debate (depending on certain situations) the world becomes clear, you can do anything that is attempted if your confident enough, if you dont let it control your energy level which can be solved by a simple energy drink, preferably one that can be capped and you can sip on little sips at a time ahhh. but limit yourself on energy drinks, like THREE yes 3 a week no more it is possible I know I do it and no more than three unless its a big event or work calls. Oh and do us all a favor dont drive on it, yes I say I drive better after I smoke too, I do not recommend driving on it your concentration is so peak your mind may say what am I doing driving on this $#!% and then you may panic thinking how stupid it is driving on anything that may cause loss of attention. Treat it like a beer just a beer that wears off 30 times faster, so far I have no health problems and I make sure to have regular doctor visits, and I’m o.k. but I say this I can do anything everyone I know says I should open a shop with my ideas and talents, design, art, mechanical, athletic abilities, the ability to pull ADHD out, and soak it in a bowl of spice and burn it away. I just wish I knew about this in high school my GPA would have been “What the what” wicked, instead of a 3.2 pushed to a G.E.D. yes a good.enough.degree. Oh’ Well because I hated long classes, and why the same stuff over and over, or maybe there is somethin on my mind I deemed to be more important Whatever the reason may be I wish spice were there I could have been someone. So now I make around a high middle class wage I’m climbing the ladder to my goals, I remember detail, information is soaked in now I pass all tests 92% average on some subjects 100% in others, my mind has no stress no pain, no worry, I have stories of how spice saved my marriage that would have definately plumeted if I did not focus on detail before jumping to conclusions in a situation so close to disaster. So now your relizing what is this stuff? Know this it has trully helped my life, I work harder, I eat better, I quit smoking tobacco, I dont drink ever maybe new years “but ya’ gotta it’s tradition”. I fell in love with my wife all over again, my three beautiful children love me to no end because of the time I personally make to be with them teaching them and instructing them on life and common sense situations. I work sometimes 54 hours a week depending on the market, and economical down falls, but find time for my kids and my personal projects now. I’m not sayin try this stuff but be patient if you do, and use small quantities remember its strong, if you feel you need to stop smokin for awhile, in my case 3 months sometimes, just wein yourself little at a time smaller and smaller over a period of a month, and spice will slowly leave, and incense what incense, when somethin bad happens in life and you need a spirit lift say hello to the bestest best thing, I have ever discovered in my life.

  3. Alright ive read pretty much all of everyones storys about spice and i must say its pretty interesting reading everyones adventures on this stuff lol. Im on house arrest so i switched to spice but my state banned k2 so i went about 5 months without doing any kind of spice, until just last weekend i walked into a local smoke shop here in town and they had this stuff called Cloud 10 Storm. I was very skeptical at first when i went home after purchasing a gram for $15!! to make a long story short i rolled a joint of it and had to put it out after just a few hits. I was so high just like everyone else’s story my heart felt like it was going to explode and with me being very spiritual i decided to meditate and see if that would help. Man from there on when i put the classical music on and started to take no thought, i located my inner wisdom and started a conversation and from there on i was on an AMAZING spiritual journey. I began to take a closer look at my life and from that point on decided to quite smoking cigs and get back into amateur bodybuilding. I just recently graduated high school and plan on going to college to study exercise science, for now i just smoke a little bit of cloud 10 at night to help me get in touch with a power that is in the universe and is much greater than anything here on earth. So with that said i hope i helped people that are smoking spice to try and meditate while “high” and release all the negative energy that is around you and embrace peace,harmony,and love.

  4. trying to save you

    i tried spice and it was the worst thing in my life i stopped breathing and turned blue and everything went so slow forever and i had no control over what i was saying and i made myself look like a fool. dont do this stuff it not good stuff to do. i did it at like six and it lasted for like almost twelve hours!

  5. Every time the idiots at the evening news panic “Concerned mothers” just for their goddamn ratings, and deceptively make it look like a dumbass highschool kid “overdosed”, when in reality he panicked like a moron and thought he was dying (which people do on ordinary weed- though it has never had one recorded fatal overdose in all of medical history), I want to fucking scream at the TV and blow it away with a shotgun. And you stupid idiot little mormon kids that get on here and make shit up about how ” I’ve done more drugs than you’ll probably ever see or hear of” when you actually have never done a drug in your life- since you don’t know what you’re talking about, could you all just make one half of the country for those of you idiots who love being controlled by corrupt politicians and staying fit like Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany (which also had “health concerns” over which it banned shit to protect “the children”)- you take your half- and the rest of us who are tired of knee-jerk laws, panicky morons reacting to evening news and sending innocent people to prison to protect the dumbass little offspring they shit out, tired of socialism, fascism, nazi health obsessions by the government, we’ll take the other half of the country. Our half will be for people mature enough to realize freedom is inherently dangerous, there are no guarantees, and we don’t need a nanny government to wipe our little asses, who realize that when you pad every wall in this country you might as well all be wearing straight-jackets, those of us who’d rather have the danger of freedom than the safety of slavery. You other imbeciles can go on outlawing drugs, sending people to prison for victimless crimes. And we’ll watch you fail. We’ll laugh as you descend deeper and deeper into tyranny and restriction. We’ll smoke a bowl and laugh our asses off from across the border. You can go on having your government own your bodies. But everyone will own their own body across the border, and nothing will be considered a crime unless one hurts another. People should have the prerogative to risk their own health and their own bodies. Fuck the DEA. Fuck “concerned mothers”. And fuck the evening news. And if you’re down with any of the 3, then fuck you too.

  6. SPICE HAS BEEN BANNED AND UNBANNED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Everytime it is banned they change the packaging. it is now banned in 13 states in the us. JUST HEARD THAT ON THE NEWS LAST NIGHT IN VIRGINA. We are 1 of the 13 states. just because you read that it was banned in 2009 does not mean it’s banned in your state now in 2011. PEOPLE DO RESEARCH B4 U POST. This is what makes me sooooooo mad. everyone wants to give HARD CORE FACTS THAT THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. I don’t know alot but I know most of you against the product are full of B.S. Everytime I read your b.s. blogs I go look up what you say and YOUR WRONG!

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