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Submit a smoking blend or company review.

Below you can submit a review of any smoking blend or legal bud on the market. You may also submit a review of a online company if you would like. All reviews will be read before they are posted, if the review is not good then we will not post it. Please make sure your review is Unbiased.

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  1. Fuck herbal incence! For starters i get the wrong product. Went to “customer service” which they incredibly lack- to let them know i received 1 wrong out of my 2. She asked for a picture and the initials on the box, so i sent them. She replies and tells me because i didnt send a picture of the 2 i received (i sent just the wrong) that there was no way it was wrong and the guy that packaged it is never wrong or the “3” people that checked after him. She was very sarcastic and very rude. Her name was Lorena. The COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE!!!! Even after i sent the group picture of all of it together. No apologies, nothing. In fact she blocked my email! So i could say nothing more. Beyond fucking ridiculous. Worst online customer service ive ever dealt with! Definitely lost a customer and ill be sure to have this review and screenshots everywhere so everyone knows not to buy from here.

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