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Super Kush Incense

Super Kush Incense

Super Kush Incense Review

A new potpourri blend on the internet has surfaced called Super Kush Incense, as someone who is always looking at new and legal ways to get my mellow on, I finally decided to try spice / k2.
I did my research before i tried this highly controversial product. I am by no means a lightweight. I’ve been getting my mellow on for a good 10+ years.

Im a small business owner with 2 different shops in Texas (not spice-related. i work in IT/Tech). I am by no means the typical person that people would peg as a spice / mellow smoker. When you see me in public, i am clean cut, professional, have a loving wife (who is in law enforcement), 3 awesome cats, 4 awesome ratties, a house, 2 cars, etc etc. I like to think I’ve made my way in life and im rather proud of it.

That being said…

The first herbal blend (only blend so far) that I’ve tried is the one called ‘Super Kush botanical potpourri’. As i stated earlier, i did my research on this product in general. the few (and i do mean few, less than 100 calls to poison control in 2+ years) calls that were placed in regards to overdosing, poisoning, etc etc all had one thing in common: they smoked way too much.

The average newbie spice user sees it as a direct replacement for another, illegal product. They see it as something they have to do the same amount of to get the same effect.

this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

the amount of spice required to get your mellow going is so minuscule, you’ll wonder at first if this is really enough to do the trick. You must resist the urge to smoke more until your mellow forms.

Usually, the mellow takes around 15-60 seconds to set in. the more you smoke, the more intense the high becomes. after about 10 minutes, you peak. if you smoked a little, you will get a fantastic buzz. if you smoked a lot, you will start to experience the more adverse side effects that are causing people to call poison control and head to the ER.

In conclusion:

I have not tried regular cannabis since i tried spice incense. i still have a good deal left in the 1.5 gram bag i purchased. My only gripe is the price. it costs about the same as the high grade cannabis i used to smoke. the upside is a more intense high and the amount required to get a mellow going is far less than high grade cannabis. viagra

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