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Crazy Zombie Attack – Bath Salts myth de-mythed!


On May 26, 2012 a man was attacked in Miami by another man who bite his face off leaving nothing but his goatee. I know you all heard of this story, because news coverage about it went on for a hardcore 96 hours! Even people in Europe heard about it for pete sake. The media dubbed it the Zombie attack (really loosing grip with reality (the media)), they love this kind of story and tends to run it to its death especially when they can blame the lack thereof of government regulation (blame government) for a drug that was not properly regulated under Schedule I (aka "the money waster section"/ "referee madness"). Read More »

2012 Substituted Cathinones (“Bath Salts”) Pending Legislation

Below you will find a list of all the pending state side laws concerning the control of Bath Salts and Synthetic cannabinoidIL H 1655: Amends the Controlled Substances Act; adds MDPV to the list of Schedule I controlled substances. IL S 1034: Adds certain substituted cathinones to controlled substances schedule I. IL H 5233: Amends the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act; sets forth as definition for synthetic drug product; provides that whoever distributes, or possesses with intent to distribute, a synthetic drug product or a drug that is misbranded under the Act is guilty of a Class 2 felony and may be fined an amount not to exceed $100,000 and that a person convicted of a second or subsequent violation is guilty of a Class 1 felony, the fine for which shall not exceed $250,000. Read More »

Federal Bill S. 3187 has been Signed!

In our previous post we discussed the bill in detail and gave a link for those interest in reading about it. The federal bill is now active meaning it is illegal to possess/sell/manufacture goods containing the outlined compounds in the bill. We encourage you to trash or use up the product you have had in the past as soon as possible.We strongly encourage all members of the Smoking Blend community to exercise caution when buying from (i call them) kids websites that were designed in three seconds and simply sell you all sorts of crap... and the owner doesn't even know what the manufacturers put in the Smoking blends. Be SMART and request a lab report before buying the product. If you have time call the Lab up and confirm the validity of the lab report before purchasing from the seller. Read More »

Federal Bill HR 1254 due after July 9th, effective 48 hours later.

Heads up to all Smoking Blend / Herbal Incense / Spice Incense users HR-1254 also known as the synthetic drug control act, has been amended into a larger FDA bill known as S.3187 which includes a copy paste version of the HR-1254 Bill at the very end.It has passed the House and Senate votes and is now due to be signed by the President on or shortly after July 9th, 2012 the bill will come into full effect 48 hrs after the signing.Be aware that if you have purchased Herbal Blends prior to this time period it is very possible that they contained banned substances. Read More »