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Devilz Lettuce Herbal Blend Review


Devilz Lettuce is the kind of blend you pack a pipe with at the end of the night and then spiral into the activities you most enjoy, freeing your mind from worry and letting you focus on the fun for just a bit. Devilz Lettuce has made me realize how ingrained proper plurals are in my mind, my fingers feel as if they’re fighting over the keys every time I hit the ‘z’ key instead of the ‘s’ key, but I think I can forgive the manufacturers of this blend. Judging from the amount of z’s I see in product names (and not just in the herbal blend industry!) it must be mighty tempting. Devilz Lettuce is an herbal smoking mix with a big green grinning cloud of smoke decorating the package. The packet states there’s only 1 gram of herb in the mix, but an added sticker in the upper corner lets me know that it’s actually 3 grams, so don’t let that confuse you. SmokingBlendReviews received our sample of Devilz Lettuce from Lazy Botanicals, where it’s currently available to purchase in both 3 gram and 1.5 gram amounts. There are no ingredients listed on the package aside from ... Read More »

Tripping Skulls – City Blends

Tripping Skull - City Blends

Well to start off, I had a great time with my friends and tripped out on a product called city blends from tripping skulls. You can find it anywhere in NY or by going to Tripping skulls site or other sites like super fun cave. Now, Believe it or not I had my days of tripping out on shrooms, lsd, E, Mescaline and other natural psychedelics and I have to say I was skeptical about the products and what people have said about it in NY but the curiosity got the best out of me so I took the blend. Ok, so I decided to pop one capsule like instructed by my friend even though he popped both of them with no problem and I have to say and admit I was a little sick for about 30 minutes or so but after that it was great! The world was so colorful, alive and vibrant. I also started to analyze everything in my life and surroundings. I can for sure say it was like a shroom/lsd/E but with a relaxing touch to it. I can tell you that I was walking around at the village in NY with nothing but ... Read More »

Outer Edge Natural


If you are a fan of citrus, then Outer Edge could be the perfect smoke for you! Not only does it have a great citrus scent and taste to it, but it also has enough of a punch to give you a great smoke experience. When I sat down with it, I was skeptical. Citrus isn’t one of my favorite scents, so I was ready for something different. Fortunately, the citrus isn’t overpowering. Yes- it is there, but you can still enjoy the smoke blend itself. I sat down with it at home to try out the new product and was happily surprised. If you are a long-time fan of smoke blends then you probably heard about this one way back, as it was one of the originals. Don’t let your first impression from way back deter you from testing it out again though because there are some happy changes that are likely going to keep you coming back. The creators have worked with it to make it even better. Outer Edge has removed everything synthetic- now you get only a completely natural smoke. This is great news for those who are worried about their health. Speaking of health, just a friendly reminder to all those who are reading this blog ... Read More »

Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense

If you are looking for a good smoke blend company, then check out Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense. This is a company that is quickly becoming known for its outstandingly potent products and huge variety of spices. The stand-out element of this company is the sheer variety users are able to look through when seeking out a smoke blend. One by one, you are going to experience a great smoke, along with effect, as you test Mr. Nice Guy’s products out. You can look through the various colors and appearances that they offer.  The biggest advantage though to the company’s products is that they are all very potent. Regardless of which one you pick, likely it isn’t going to take much to feel the calming and relaxing effects. Not only is it going to offer you one of the best smoke effects, but it won’t take a lot of product to do it! That’s a huge benefit for any avid smoker and you definitely are going to get a lot for your buck with this blend. The other advantage of Mr. Nice Guy Herbal Incense is that it comes in a wide variety of weights. The tiniest amount you can ... Read More »

Zero Chem Review

Zero Chem

If you are looking for all natural products, then look no further! Zero Chem, like the name suggests, offers pure and safe smoke that can be used by even the most sensitive smoke-lover. The biggest selling point is the natural aspect of this blend. All the elements combined to create it are 100% herbal which makes them completely safe. One of the biggest concerns in today’s market is the amount of change in legislation going on regarding the smoke and incense market. Lawmakers are coming down on various companies, in an effort to make sure that they are offering only safe products. One company after another is being forced to either change their formula, or shut down completely, if they are not in compliance. Companies like Zero Chem realize this and have responded with a completely natural herbal blend that doesn’t break any laws, but still offers a great smoke experience to anyone who tests it out. All you have to do is look at the package and you are going to find plenty of proof that this is the “real thing.” You aren’t going to be inundated with a ton of unknown ingredients; rather, all you find here are specific plant extracts and concentrated herbal extracts. This is proof ... Read More »

Code Black Herbal Incense Review


Not all herbal incense is created equal. There are top dog brands that are worth paying the extra few bucks for as well as a few disappointments along the way.Code Black Herbal Incense is one of the most reliable and pleasant brands to burn. Code Black offers a variety of blends to choose from and each one is sweeter than the one before it. Code Black uses one hundred percent natural ingredients that you can count on and trust. You do not have to second guess this incredible brand of herbal incense. Code Black is a fairly new name in the herbal incense world, but they have taken their blend straight to the top. Their prices are worth the incredible results. Users are singing the praises of this high quality brand. Read More »

SomeIncense.com No Longer Accepting Orders!


One of the very popular Herbal Incense sites out there SomeIncense.com, announced that their site will no longer be accepting new orders. Details are outlined below. To read more, visit their site at: http://someincense.com Attention all customers—————————————————-Due to all the recent warehouses being raided from “Operation Log Jam”, we are currently unable to obtain product and fulfill more orders. All credit card orders that have been placed via our website will be fulfilled and shipped as requested and each customer will or has already received an email with tracking numbers for your shipment. In the event we are unable to fill your order, your credit card will be refunded immediately and you will see the credit on your credit statement, pending your bank’s policies and time lines for refunds to be credited.NO COD orders will be fulfilled unless product remains after we have fulfilled 100% of all credit card customers 1st. Our call center will be up and operating, as well as our emails for any customers that have questions regarding their order. Please do not flood our call center with questions about when we will have product again, we do not have an answer to that question, as of ... Read More »

Federal Bill S. 3187 has been Signed!

In our previous post we discussed the bill in detail and gave a link for those interest in reading about it. The federal bill is now active meaning it is illegal to possess/sell/manufacture goods containing the outlined compounds in the bill. We encourage you to trash or use up the product you have had in the past as soon as possible.We strongly encourage all members of the Smoking Blend community to exercise caution when buying from (i call them) kids websites that were designed in three seconds and simply sell you all sorts of crap... and the owner doesn't even know what the manufacturers put in the Smoking blends. Be SMART and request a lab report before buying the product. If you have time call the Lab up and confirm the validity of the lab report before purchasing from the seller. Read More »

Federal Bill HR 1254 due after July 9th, effective 48 hours later.

Heads up to all Smoking Blend / Herbal Incense / Spice Incense users HR-1254 also known as the synthetic drug control act, has been amended into a larger FDA bill known as S.3187 which includes a copy paste version of the HR-1254 Bill at the very end.It has passed the House and Senate votes and is now due to be signed by the President on or shortly after July 9th, 2012 the bill will come into full effect 48 hrs after the signing.Be aware that if you have purchased Herbal Blends prior to this time period it is very possible that they contained banned substances. Read More »

How to Smoke Herbal Incense

Most of guys prefer to smoke legal Incense with rolling paper, water-pipe, or vaporizers; these are some good methods to smoke herbal incense but this is not enough, there are a few more things which we have to take care in order to get good results. Firstly, the smoke must be inhaled quickly and smoker should hold it for 10-15 seconds. These smoking blends should not be smoked with cigarettes because they require much hotter flame than ordinary cigarettes’ lighter. It is recommended that smoker should use electrically charged lighters which we can easily get from wall mart or any other shop. Read More »

Super Kush Incense


A new potpourri blend on the internet has surfaced called Super Kush Incense, as someone who is always looking at new and legal ways to get my mellow on, I finally decided to try spice / k2. I did my research before i tried this highly controversial product. I am by no means a lightweight. I’ve been getting my mellow on for a good 10+ years.Im a small business owner with 2 different shops in Texas (not spice-related. i work in IT/Tech). I am by no means the typical person that people would peg as a spice / mellow smoker. When you see me in public, i am clean cut, professional, have a loving wife (who is in law enforcement), 3 awesome cats, 4 awesome ratties, a house, 2 cars, etc etc. I like to think I’ve made my way in life and im rather proud of it. Read More »

Basics of SC Spice Blends

Introduction to Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Basics So you think you’re ready to enter the world of synthetic weed, and get STONED with Mr. Wizard… Common forms of synthetic cannabinoids available on the ‘retail’ market: Synthetic cannabinoids, they’ve been around for years and years, but somehow only recently emerged into the ‘retail’ online RC and local head shop market. The most common form of synthetic cannabinoid (in this case “legal smoke”) is a mixture of dried plant matter, sprayed with an unknown amount of an unknown cannabinoid. The most common brand names for these are the obvious K2 Incense, Spice Smoking Blend, Serenity Now, and so on and so on. This stuff if not gotten from a reputible supplier, could be either a) bunk b) reallly overly strong or c) looks like fish food and not too appealing in any of these cases. On the other hand there are very reputible and honest suppliers of these ‘incense’ as well The other form of synthetic cannabinoid you probably are familar with (or are here to become familar with) is the pure lab grade “research chemical” compounds, such as the JWH and WIN families. These chemicals were designed by various research chemists and ... Read More »

Spice Mojo Incense


Spice Mojo is one of the oldest existing legal high blends and the makers of this blend have come out with the latest Spice Mojo.  Not only is Spice one of the most popular blends on the market, it is also one of the controversial ones.  In fact, many states in the US and other countries have banned and regulated Spice blends.  People have made claims regarding the negative health effects caused by Spice blends, but it is important to weigh the accuracy of these reports. The problem with Spice Mojo and other Spice Smoking Blends is that users do not do their research before buying the product.  There are manufacturers that produce “basement blends,” meaning that the blends are not monitored and the makers can put anything in package.  Usually, the manufacturers will spray a chemical compound that is harmful to the body.  Before purchasing your Spice Mojo, check with the manufacturer and make sure they are reputable for quality blends. Spice has been considered to be the legal alternative to cannabis for a long time now.  Like other herbal incense blends, Spice Mojo can be burned to allow the aroma to fill the room or it can be ... Read More »

What is JWH-018 ?

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids? Herbal blends, which are highly popular alternatives to illegal substances, are made of natural botanicals and often contain synthetic cannabinoids.  When comparing marijuana with an herbal blend product, one will find that cannabis contains THC, which is a natural cannabinoid, while the legal counterpart does not. Because herbal blends contain synthetic cannabinoids, they are legal in various states in the US as well as other countries. Synthetic cannabinoids are not the same active compound as natural THC and do not have the same chemical structure.  Natural THC actually breaks down in a different way compared to synthetic cannabinoids.  The most common of these synthetic cannabinoids are cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-018, JWH-073, and HU-210. JWH-018 is considered to be the most popular one, which is used in the vast majority of legal herbal blends being sold on the market in the United States, Europe and Canada.  Although synthetic cannabinoids are considered legal in various locations, a number of states in the US and countries across the globe are beginning to ban or regulate the sale, possession and consumption of herbal blends. The Discovery of JWH-018 JWH-018 is an analogue of synthetic cannabinoids and was founded by John W. Huffman, ... Read More »

Afghan Hash Incense Review

Afghan Hash

Herbal Incense blends like Afghan Incense (Hemp Flavor) are great and get people hooked.  First off, what other product, compared to Afghan Incense, smells so good and feels like the real deal? You get the best of both worlds with this smoking blend. What sets Afghan Incense apart from other herbal blends is that it not only makes you feel good but it can cause visual distortions like it did for me.  The only other product I can think of that altars your visual experience is Salvia and that may be too strong for some people. Afghan Herbal Incense is strong enough, it is aromatic and feels like the real thing.  To provide a thorough review of this blend, let’s first look at the ingredients that make up the product.  The herbs used include: Betula Utilis, Lactuca sativa, Myroxylon balsamum, Laurus nobilis, Abies balsamea, Agropyron repens, and Syzygium aromaticum.  The blend also has powerful flavorings, which give off a strong aroma, as well as resins, which are solids. This smoking blend looks like Hashish and smells like it too.  The herbs are dried up and made into the incense.  It is said that the blend is made according to an ... Read More »

Salvia divinorum Reviewed


Salvia Extract 20x Salvia divinorum is a plant found in the Mazatec region of Mexico whose leaves contain Salvinorin A, which is an active ingredient that produces psychedelic effects. The plant has been historically used for divinatory and medicinal purposes and is used today as a legal smoking herb. You can smoke or chew Salvia, but I find that smoking produces the strongest effects, which tend to fall in a range from mild to strong. Every user of Salvia needs to bear in mind that the effects of Salvia are different for every individual due to body chemistry, potency, dosage, smoking technique, setting and other factors. This review is based on a 20x concentration of Salvia smoked in a pipe, without mixing other substances. The session typically lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes and users generally experience the onset of the effects within the first minute. Once the Salvia kicks in, your perception of things around you change and your vision may blur. Your body feels relaxed and fluid with the surroundings. Many people experience a lack of coordination and altered perceptions. The environment tends to vibrate, abstract shapes appear, objects repeat themselves, and patterns appear. In other words, ... Read More »

Buzz Incense


Buzz Herbal Incense Editors Review There are a lot of herbal incense blends out there and choosing the best one simply takes testing.  After trying almost every kind, Buzz has proven to be one of the most satisfying and it is no wonder that Buzz Herbal Incense is hot on the market. Like most herbal smoking blends, Buzz is made of natural herbs.  You’ll find ingredients like Damiana, Bay Bean, Dwarf Skullkap, Vanilla, Stevia Leaves, Rose Petals, Hope and Licorice.  The end result: a sweet scent and a powerful blend. For starters, Buzz Herbal Incense can be burned on its own as incense or it can be added to tobacco for smoking.  Smoking buzz creates stronger effects compared to burning it as incense.  At the first puff, you can already get the sense that Buzz is smooth to smoke.  To top it off, Buzz has a wonderful aromatic fragrance that simply adds to the whole experience. Once the package is opened and the method of consumption is chosen, the effects of Buzz will start to kick in.  The high lasts for quite a long time, anywhere from an hour to three hours.  Buzz Herbal Incense is the ultimate blend for ... Read More »

Pulse Incense


Pulse Smoking blend Pulse Herbal Incense is a popular smoking blend indeed, but because of its popularity, it is important to get the right stuff.  Plenty of manufacturers out there market their blends as Pulse when they are actually something else. Some people like to compare Pulse to Jah Rush, which is another herbal blend.  Pulse is a very sweet and aromatic herbal incense, but every so often you get a package that does not smell completely natural.  With that said, the blend is primarily made of natural ingredients including: Bay Bean, Damiana, Stevia Leaf, Lemon Grass, Tribulus Terrestris, Indian Pennyworth, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Marsh Mallow, Clove, Hops, and other aromatic essence. For legal smoking blend enthusiasts, Pulse is a potpurri of a bunch of sweet smelling herbs that work together to provide a wonderful experience for the user.  Once the package is opened, there you will have a handful of crushed herbs that are very dry and quite powder-like in texture. If you’re lucky, you may get a package that does not contain stems and small twigs.  The product is made for burning as incense, but for smoking, you may have to remove these stems.  All in all, Pulse ... Read More »

K2 UltraWeekend

K2 UltraWeekend If you’re interested in K2 herbal blends, you must try the K2 UltraWeekend out of all the flavors.  K2 UltraWeekend Incense is quite an impressive blend that offers a good body high for experienced users and first timers.  K2 is one of the original legal herbal blends in the market that contains natural herbs that have been around for centuries.  The outcome is highly similar to cannabis and the best part is that it is legal in a variety of places (be sure to check your local laws and regulations). K2 UltraWeekend is a newer blend that is preceded by K2 Summit, which is just as good and popular.  You can think of K2 UltraWeekend as part of the evolution of the original K2 and an impressive one at that.  Let’s just say that K2 has come a long way and has finally produced the most powerful blend in the series.  Not only is it the most potent, but is also the most aromatic. Once you open the package, you will find a fluffy and light blend that contains natural botanicals and herbs including Canavalia rosea, Clematis vitalba, Nelumbo nucifera, Pedicularis grandifolia, Heimia salicifolia, Leonurus sibiricus and Ledum ... Read More »

JHW Revealed

Overview of JWH, WIN and CP Chemical Compounds Overview of JWH Family The JWH family of chemicals is the most common type of synthetic cannabinoids found in herbal blends that are marketed as smoking products.  These herbal blends can be found in retail shops as well as online stores.  Although JWH has been legal for several years, there is currently a control on JWH and products that contain any of the chemicals in the JWH family. It is imperative to note that research on JWH compounds is very limited, however some of the compounds have more information than others.  These synthetic cannabinoids were first developed in the early 1990s by an organic chemist named John W. Huffman who discovered and developed the compounds at Clemson University. The prefix, JWH, indicates the indole family of synthetic cannabinoids.  These include the aminoalkylindole and the napthoylindole families.  When John W. Huffman first developed these compounds, the aim was to produce a substance that would target certain receptors in the body called the endocannabinoid receptors.  The body has two receptors known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors.  JWH chemicals are either agonists of one or both of these receptors.  Below is an overview of ... Read More »

Spice Gold Incense


Spice Gold Spice is only one of many Spice herbal smoking blends and is definitely one of the popular ones.  Most people will consider Spice Gold the alternative to marijuana considering that the effects are quite similar.  What you feel with Spice Gold, and with any other herbal blend for that matter, really depends on your experience, method, dosage and the potency of the blend. Let’s start with the physical characteristics of Spice Gold. The stuff is made of herbs that have been around for centuries and were once used by ancient cultures. The texture is light and fluffy and the ingredients include Baybean, Blue Lotus, Lion’s Tail, Lousewort, Indian Warrior, Dwarf Scullcap, Maconha Brava, Pink Lotus, Marshmallow, Red Clover, Rose, Siberian Motherwort, Vanilla and Honey.  The scent is aromatic and sweet and you can really smell the honey and vanilla.  The taste is quite woody with a hint of vanilla. Spice Gold tends to be one of the harsher smoking blends, but this can be fixed by using a bong. Spice Gold is also great for starters because it is not the strongest herbal blend out there.  All you really need is a little bit of the blend and ... Read More »