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How to Smoke Herbal Incense

Most of guys prefer to smoke legal Incense with rolling paper, water-pipe, or vaporizers; these are some good methods to smoke herbal incense but this is not enough, there are a few more things which we have to take care in order to get good results. Firstly, the smoke must be inhaled quickly and smoker should hold it for 10-15 seconds. These smoking blends should not be smoked with cigarettes because they require much hotter flame than ordinary cigarettes’ lighter. It is recommended that smoker should use electrically charged lighters which we can easily get from wall mart or any other shop. Read More »

Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic cannabis is a new product in the market of smoke shops and it is easily becoming one of the most popular. Cannabis is known more commonly by its actual name, “marijuana.” It has been used for centuries now for medicinal and sensory purposes. In fact, the latter is the main reason why cannabis has become such a wide-spread smoke solution in today’s world. Most people who try it enjoy the psychoactive effects and how it brings on an immediate feeling of relaxation. Still- there has been controversy with the product. This undeniable controversy has directly brought about a new product, synthetic cannabis. Read More »

Black Mamba Incense Review


Black Mamba Incense Review There’s a new drug in town and it’s called the Black Mamba Incense. Contrary to many first timers’ beliefs; No this is not a snake and no you did not see this on ‘Kill Bill’ (the pussy wagon long died after showing up in Lady Gaga’s telephone music video). This is something different; this is a ‘drug’ that is causing somewhat of a major hype in the growing community. People say that this is the new high, some say that this is still incomparable to the banned cannabis; but what is this really? What is this new spice is town? What is Black Mamba? Black Mamba is causing a stir in the whole smoking community. It is a spice blend of many sorts that apparently gives you the same euphoric effect as cannabis. The spice blend Black Mamba is made mostly of Damiana. It is an herb with yellow flowers that mostly thrives on dry climates such as California, Texas, and Mexico. There are also reports of this concoction containing herbs such as Lotus, Red Clover, Lousewort, Baybean, and many other herbs and spices. In the olden days (Before it was called Black Mamba) this blend ... Read More »

Basics of SC Spice Blends

Introduction to Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Basics So you think you’re ready to enter the world of synthetic weed, and get STONED with Mr. Wizard… Common forms of synthetic cannabinoids available on the ‘retail’ market: Synthetic cannabinoids, they’ve been around for years and years, but somehow only recently emerged into the ‘retail’ online RC and local head shop market. The most common form of synthetic cannabinoid (in this case “legal smoke”) is a mixture of dried plant matter, sprayed with an unknown amount of an unknown cannabinoid. The most common brand names for these are the obvious K2 Incense, Spice Smoking Blend, Serenity Now, and so on and so on. This stuff if not gotten from a reputible supplier, could be either a) bunk b) reallly overly strong or c) looks like fish food and not too appealing in any of these cases. On the other hand there are very reputible and honest suppliers of these ‘incense’ as well The other form of synthetic cannabinoid you probably are familar with (or are here to become familar with) is the pure lab grade “research chemical” compounds, such as the JWH and WIN families. These chemicals were designed by various research chemists and ... Read More »

Spice Mojo Incense


Spice Mojo is one of the oldest existing legal high blends and the makers of this blend have come out with the latest Spice Mojo.  Not only is Spice one of the most popular blends on the market, it is also one of the controversial ones.  In fact, many states in the US and other countries have banned and regulated Spice blends.  People have made claims regarding the negative health effects caused by Spice blends, but it is important to weigh the accuracy of these reports. The problem with Spice Mojo and other Spice Smoking Blends is that users do not do their research before buying the product.  There are manufacturers that produce “basement blends,” meaning that the blends are not monitored and the makers can put anything in package.  Usually, the manufacturers will spray a chemical compound that is harmful to the body.  Before purchasing your Spice Mojo, check with the manufacturer and make sure they are reputable for quality blends. Spice has been considered to be the legal alternative to cannabis for a long time now.  Like other herbal incense blends, Spice Mojo can be burned to allow the aroma to fill the room or it can be ... Read More »