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Warped Natural Solid Smoke Extra Strength

Warped Natural Solid Smoke Extra Strength

The best thing about the smoke market is the vast array of choices smokers have. If you like strong
smoke, you are going to find a wide range of products to fit the need. On the other hand, if you like
smoother and milder smokes, you are going to find that easily too. Warped Natural Solid Smoke is
one that the enthusiasts of milder smokes will thoroughly enjoy. In this package, you are going to
get 3 oz. of the blend and that is enough to give you a great experience. This is a completely natural
blend, so you won’t have to worry about any harsh or harmful chemicals. The blend is like instant
relaxation in a package! If you had a hard day at work or are particularly stressed, light up some Warped Natural and likely you are going to quickly see all the stress melt away.

Kratom, Wild Lettuce and Egyptian Blue Lily are three of the main ingredients in this blend. If you
know anything about them on their own, then you know how potent each one is alone. Combined,
it is a bit milder, but unique. The hash cake you find in the re-sealable package is convenient and a
good size for single-use smokers. I used my butane lighter to start off the night and quickly felt the
smoke taking effect. One warning, the first few puffs out of your pipe may be harsh. This is normal
and as you keep smoking, it dissipates somewhat giving a solid but moderate effect. I even enjoyed
the green alien with the strange eyes giving the peace sign (wink, wink) and the space ship warping
away through the starry, starry night.

Now for the exciting part: I did not find this particular blend to be particularly blissful, dreamy,
ecstatic, or gleeful. I would tend to describe it more as leisurely, restful, refreshing, and alleviating.
It is definitely not a sharp or jarring feeling, but rather mind- altering in the sense that it turned
my racing thoughts into fluffy and pleasurable ones. In particular, I was having problems with my
girlfriend at the time, and when I sat down to smoke, the Warped Natural Solid got me thinking of
all the good times she and I used to have, until finally my mind was completely clear and the weight
of the current situation was lifted off of my shoulders.

As time wore on, and I got deeper and deeper into the smoke, I did notice a bit of shakiness on
the part of objects in the background. The clocks on the wall seemed to drift into the blue paint. I
closed my eyes, but did not notice any sort of dizziness. In fact, I had a strange urge to re- open my
eyes and upon doing so I noticed an increased awareness. For fifteen or twenty minutes (according
to the clocks) I enjoyed visual distortion that seemed to coincide with a deepening relaxation. As
the effects wore off, the clocks had stopped moving and I found myself overtaken by a refreshing
stillness. All in all, I recommend Warped Natural Solid Smoke Extra Strength. It is great for those
who like to enjoy a relaxing smoke with certain visual “effects” without being overwhelmed and
disturbed by the experience.

This product is made by http://www.starflowerdistribution.com/

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